Fame Audit: The Cast Of The Sopranos

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Assets: Wings! Liabilities: We'd never risk getting punched in the face by saying he has a lisp, so...speech impediment. Current approximate level of fame: Joe Pesci Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Sopranos: Frank Sivero Name: Aida Turturro Age: 44 Occupation: Actor, Stones fan Non-Sopranos Experience: 41 movies Assessment: Janice Soprano just may be the most hateful character we love the most, and so much of that is due to Aida Turturro's performance. Nancy Marchand may have (sadly) passed on, depriving us of years more Livia Soprano, but her narcissistic, sociopathic spirit lives on in her crazy-ass daughter. Janice is a career-defining role after years in the character-actor dungeon; we hope casting directors now realize she deserves better than to play second fiddle to Geena Davis. As if her ass is from New York! Please. Shut up, Angie. Assets: Unlike Jamie-Lynn DiScala, we believe Turturro actually is a cool lady playing an insufferable shrew. Liabilities: Those teeth are a real problem. Current approximate level of fame: Camryn Manheim Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Sopranos: Debi Mazar Name: Steve Van Zandt (b. Steven Lento) Age: 56 Occupation: Actor, musician Non-Sopranos Experience: No other acting gigs, but he's in a band, or something? Assessment: Don't we all wish we had a consigliere like Sil? He's smart, unflappable, and kind of looks like my late grandpa. Any talk of future fame for Steve Van Zandt, who plays him, is sort of academic, given that he's not an actor and has no plans to act once The Sopranos is over, so we'll just say that he's done more to promote the sharkskin suit than all the Four Seasons combined. Assets: Years ago, he taught our pre-teen asses why we shouldn't play Sun City. Liabilities: That's not his real hair. Current approximate level of fame: Kris Kristofferson Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Sopranos: The Edge

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