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Previously on The Sopranos: Damn, that's a lot of previously. This doesn't bode well, considering it's only the third episode. Anyway, the basement is bugged, Livia was laid to rest, and oh yeah, The Sopranos is now in wide-screen, and I, for one, couldn't be happier.

In a new and somewhat surprising turn of events, this week's episode opens not with a shot of Tony in his underwear, but with a shot of Christopher in his underwear instead. Are there no pants in New Jersey? No, seriously. Are there? Because I'm willing to move. Chris is rolling a joint and getting ready to spend a nice quiet evening at home with Adriana and her "cheese dogs." That's actually a lot more appealing than it sounds. But alas, his phone rings, and because "it's the busy season," he has to go out and meet Paulie.

Adriana is none too pleased by this turn of events, until Christopher informs her that he thinks "this could be it." Paulie told him to look sharp and "shine [his] shoes." What is it with Paulie and the clean footwear? Come to think of it, I've recapped five episodes of The Sopranos so far, and all but one of them has had a reference to Paulie and shoes. That's got to mean something. I have no idea what, but we'll see what happens next week. Adriana dreams aloud of moving into a loft, and laughs when Christopher tells her she's giving notice at the restaurant. She joins him in the bathroom as he shaves, and they share a nicely tender moment. "I love you, Christopher," she says, and he replies, "You better." Hmmm. I wonder if Christopher plays tennis? Adriana moves in close and tells him she's worried about Christopher "getting a call and going off all happy like this." He smiles ands tells her, "You've seen too many movies, that's all."

So, apparently, has this week's director, as we cut right into a patented Scorcese dolly shot of Christopher in the parking lot of yet another [name withheld] store. I can only hope this recent epidemic of blatant product placement is part of some sort of crash fundraising plan to augment the obviously meager pants budget on this show. I wouldn't mind it so much if it weren't so jarring. I mean, why not just put a bunch of NASCAR-style logo patches on Tony's robe and be done with it? In spite of my unwillingness to abet the placement of products, it's worth noting here that Christopher drives a sweet black Mercedes. That'll be important later. Sort of. And truthfully? I always thought of Christopher as more of a Trans Am sort of guy. Anyway, Paulie and Silvio arrive to pick him up. Chris, it seems, has seen just as many movies as everyone else, and looks vaguely nervous when Paulie puts him in the front seat instead of the back. He looks even more anxious when Silvio won't tell him where they're going.

Michael Knight: Don't worry. Everything's going to be fine.

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