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At Columbia, Carmela and AJ wander the halls looking for Meadow's room. When they finally arrive, they're both mildly surprised to find Noah there with her. The first question out of Meadow's mouth is "Dad didn't come?" and Carmela answers with "Did you really want him to?" Actually, yes, she probably did. Meadow informs Carmela that Noah told her what Tony said, and it's "all out in the open, so fuck this." Carmela warns her to watch the "latrine lip," and then AJ starts asking questions. Carmela sends him to wait outside again, but he figures out what happened before he leaves. Carmela and Meadow bicker some more, and Noah interjects that Tony is lucky he didn't "punch his fucking lights out." Ha! I'd like to see him try. No, really. I think that would make a good episode. Carmela agrees that there's no excuse for what Tony said, but also calls Meadow on her motives by asking, "Is this some kind of drama?" Meadow gets even more self-righteous (if that's possible), but Carm stays civil. She asks Noah for a moment alone with her daughter, but he refuses to leave without Meadow's permission. He's so getting off on this, you can tell. He's just cocky enough to enjoy playing the martyr. Meadow sends him on his way, and they share a long hug before he departs. You can actually see Meadow looking over his shoulder to make sure her mom is watching. After he's gone, Carmela warns Meadow not to discuss the family business. Meadow tells her that Noah already figured it out, because "he isn't stupid." Well, that's debatable. She also calls him "brilliant and sensitive," and that's not debatable, it's just plain funny. Carmela says she's just going to stay out of it, and Meadow loftily informs her that she'll be spending the weekend in Litchfield with some friends of Noah's family. Just to twist the knife a little bit, she mentions that friends work for NBC. Carmela sighs, and we cut outside to AJ, who watches all the students as they go about their lives.

Michael Knight: You know, you guys should consider moving to NBC. Lord knows, their Sunday night's been crap since I left.
Michael Imperioli: We'll pass, thanks.
Michael Knight: Hey, remember that time I was on West Wing? That was pretty cool.
Michael Imperioli: We don't like to talk about that one.

Janice has finally returned to Livia's house. She enters to find a guy she describes as "the famous Bill" standing by the door, but since he doesn't really do anything in this scene, I didn't bother finding out what he's famous for. Svetlana comes out and immediately demands her leg back. Janice does the whole "Leg? What leg?" thing, and it's pretty funny. When Svetlana brings up the disputed record collection, Janice replies that if she senses a "karmic connection" between the leg and the records, then perhaps giving away the records will help bring back the leg. Svetlana laughs at that and storms out, telling Janice that she'll be sorry she ever messed with her. Man, I love me some Suddenly Svetlana. So plucky and independent, that girl.

Despite the fact that he can't be seen in places like this, Christopher is back at the pizza parlor, meeting up with Jackie Jr. It seems Dino got popped, but Jackie puts them onto another score -- a Jewel benefit concert for Amnesty International. Chris is enthusiastic. He still sounds like an asshole, though. Meanwhile, it's dinner time at the Soprano's. AJ doesn't spill anything this time, but when Carmela mentions his college plans yet again, AJ says he doesn't want to go because everyone there is smarter than him. He storms away from the table, and while Carmela yells after him, Tony tells her to let him be.

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