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"Hell is Irish people"

We open with a little Otis Redding wailing in the background as Adriana sits at Christopher's hospital bed. She cries and fixes the picture of the Pope fastened to his hospital gown. Christopher is in some type of coma. Silvio and Mrs. Silvio enter and console Adriana. She tells them that the doctors say Christopher has lost a lot of blood and that he might have to have his spleen removed. She says she's scared. Silvio says that Christopher is a tough kid and that he'll make it. Christopher's mother walks in at this point and starts freaking out through her clenched jaw. Silvio holds her, and she demands they find the guy who did this to Christopher and to make him suffer. "I want that motherfucker in agony." Silvio tells her not to worry.

Tony and the others are out in the hospital waiting area, not-answering questions from the police. They've never heard of anybody or anything, and they certainly know nothing about the Monkey Boys. The Feds aren't happy, and they ask why Tony and the guys don't want to help Christopher. The silence continues until they leave.

Janice walks in and hugs Carmela. She asks why Christopher hasn't been moved out of ICU already since it's been two days. Meadow says that Chris is doing much better. Janice says they still have to pray for him. She shakes AJ from his GameBoy glaze and tells him to pray for Christopher. AJ brats, "We are. Jesus." Heh.

Adriana holds Richie and says that she loves Christopher so much. He consoles her while staring at Tony. Paulie tells Tony he doesn't want Richie around. Pussy says that Richie is full of "negative energies." Tony says that Richie was only supposed to come back if he had something on Matthew. Poor Pussy is always stuck wearing the brown velour leisure suits. Insult to injury, indeed.

Outside the hospital, Richie meets with Tony and the boys. Paulie bosses Richie to start talking, but Richie's taking his own sweet time. He lights a cigarette and everything. He says that there's word on the street about Matthew. He says that there's a dealer named Quickie G. They're only speaking in partial sentences, so it's hard to say for sure, but I'm thinking Quickie G either knows where Matthew is or is hiding Matthew. Tony says that someone will bring Matthew in within the next five days to score points. He says it won't take long at all.

Carmela sits with Mrs. Silvio in the waiting chairs. Mrs. Silvio is dishing the latest Mob gossip. Apparently, some guy named Ralphie got his goomah pregnant and she had the baby. C-section. There's always that last bit in the gossip that really has nothing to do with the gossip other than to make it sound a bit gorier than it actually is. ["Remembering it now, I could swear Mrs. Silvio says 'Ralphie Cifaretto,' a.k.a. Joey Pants, but I'd have to see the tape to know for sure." -- Sars]

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