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"Hell is Irish people"

Carmela is in bed with Tony when she decides to bring this up. She pretends to read as he pretends to sleep. He asks her to get some sleep. She asks why. He says that tomorrow will be a rough day. Carmela says she's not going to sleep tonight. She closes her book and tells Tony that she loves him. "I don't want anybody getting hurt. Not me, not the kids, not you." Tony says he can't talk until five in the morning tonight. It's quiet until Carmela asks if Tony heard about Ralphie's situation. Tony says that Christopher in the hospital should be the only thing on her mind. Carm says that the CK One "stinking off [his] shirt" made her think about it. Tony says he cut it off with that girl. Carm says that if Tony is going to keep doing what he does, then the least he could do is get a vasectomy. Tony sits up, shocked. Carm says, "Let's get real, Tony. Do you have any idea what a bastard child would do to this family?" I love that she's not concerned about disease or crazy-bitch women trying to destroy the family. She just doesn't want a bastard child out there. Carm says Tony's putting the entire family at risk. Tony lies back and says he has his girlfriends tested for AIDS. "What do you think I am?" he asks. Carmela is pissed. She grabs her blanket and leaves the bed. Otis starts wailing again as Tony sighs.

Back at the hospital, everyone's asleep in the waiting chairs. Pussy holds a razor and some shaving cream. The intercom announces a Code Blue in ICU 3. This wakes everyone up, as it's Christopher. Adriana runs over to his room and sees the doctors trying to revive him. She starts crying and shouting his name. Paulie holds Adriana as she screams that he's going to die. Pussy and Paulie pull Adriana back as she sobs in their arms.

Tony gets the late-night phone call. Carmela walks in and they stare at each other, knowing what's happening.

Christopher is on the table in surgery. They are operating.

Carm and Tony show up at the hospital. Tony asks how Christopher is doing. Silvio says that Christopher's heart stopped. Tony says that they have to stay positive. Pussy hugs Adriana and says they'll only think of positive vibes. Carmela walks away quietly.

Carm walks into an empty hospital room with a cross on the wall. She kneels before the cross and prays: "Gentle and merciful Lord Jesus, I want to speak with you now with an open heart. An honest heart. Tonight I ask you to take my sins and the sins of my family into your merciful heart." We have an overhead shot of Christopher's surgery as we hear Carmela in a voice-over. "We have chosen this life in the full awareness of the consequences of our sins. I know that Christopher's life is in your hands, and his fate is your will. I ask you humbly to spare him. And if it is your will to spare him, I ask that you deliver him from blindness and grant him vision. And through this vision may he see your love and gain the strength to carry on in service to your mercy." Carmela tearfully gives her amen.

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