From Where To Eternity

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"Hell is Irish people"

Adriana's getting advice from Hesh as Tony walks in with coffee. Carmela is back just as the doctor arrives. He says that Christopher's heart had stopped and there was internal bleeding. He's now in stable condition. Hesh asks how long Christopher's heart had stopped. The doctor says it was stopped for about a minute. Hesh asks whether or not Christopher is still on a ventilator. Eventually Paulie asks what they're all talking about. The doctor says that Christopher was clinically dead for about a minute. Adriana asks if she can go and see him. The doctor says Christopher's going to be in post-op for a few hours, but that he asked twice for Paulie and for Tony.

Christopher hits the button on his morphine drip. Paulie and Tony walk in. Tony kisses Christopher's forehead and Chris starts apologizing. He says he knows Tony's mad at him. Tony says that nobody is mad at him. Chris says he's going to Hell. Tony says that the only place Christopher is going is home. "I crossed over," Christopher says. He pants and says he saw the tunnel and the white light. He says he saw his father in Hell. "Get the fuck out of here," Paulie teases. Christopher says that the bouncer told him he'd be in Hell too. Christopher says he saw their hell and it's an Irish bar where it's Saint Patrick's Day every day. He says that a guy named Mikey and a guy named Brendan were there, and they were friends. ["That's Mikey Palmice and Brendan Filone." -- Sars] Paulie says those two guys hated each other furiously. Tony says that Christopher needs some rest. Christopher insists that Brandon and Mikey are friends now and that they were playing dice with two Roman soldiers and a bunch of the Irish guys. "And the Irish? They were winning every roll." He says that Mikey had a message for Tony and Paulie. "Three o'clock." Paulie wants to know more about the message, but Christopher is in pain, whimpering about his morphine drip. Tony warns Christopher to be careful with the morphine. Paulie asks for more info. He wants to know what Mikey was wearing. Tony says they need to go. Christopher says that Mikey was wearing an old-fashioned pinstriped suit. Tony says it was a dream and he should forget about it. Christopher's eyes roll back as Tony and Paulie walk away. Paulie says that he thinks Christopher "likes his chemistry set a bit too much." Tony reminds Paulie that Christopher is in pain.

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