Full Leather Jacket

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"Oh! That jacket."

Richie sits around listening to Sinatra. Paulie and Silvio show up. Richie asks if someone left a cage open at the Turtleback Zoo. ["Hee! My first school field trip as a bitty little Sars was to the 'T-Back' to feed the goats with my kindergarten class. It's seriously the saddest 'zoo' ever; I think the panther was actually a guy in a costume. Anyway." -- Sars] Paulie and Silvio are there to talk about Beansie. Silvio says that Beansie might never walk again. Paulie says, "Never say never." Richie says that they should say never, and that Beansie is now a "shopping cart." Paulie tells Richie that he has to build Beansie a ramp. They want Richie to build a ramp to make Beansie's house handicap accessible. They say it'll be a "gesture." "Maybe while I'm over there I could fuck his wife," Richie says. Silvio says that Richie can call over his nephew in the building trade. Richie asks if they're serious. Paulie reminds Richie that he's a captain now, and that it'll be best if he does this. He tells him to build the ramp. Richie sighs and says calmly, "I'll build a ramp up to your ass. Drive a Lionel up in there." Paulie and Silvio don't say anything, but Silvio nods a few times like, "He's good. He's very good."

Carmela runs to her backyard fence to say hello to Jeannie Cusamano. Jean's putting her roses to bed. Jean clearly is overcompensating for her fear of Carmela with kindness. Carmela spouts off a list of times she tried to reach Jean but couldn't get her. She says she's been knocking on the door, but Jean hasn't answered. Jean sees that Carmela is onto her. Carmela adds that she thought she saw Jean at the mall, but it turned out to be her twin sister Joan. Using the skillful art of segue, Carmela asks if Joan went to Georgetown. Jean says that Joan has practically changed her name to Georgetown, and is still active in the college. Carmela starts chasing Jean down her side of the fence to keep the conversation going, even though Jean is desperately trying to get away. Carmela tells Jean that Meadow has applied to Georgetown, and that she's "praying to Jesus" that she'll get in because otherwise Meadow might go to Berkeley instead. Jean says that Joan is really busy and doesn't know Meadow very well. Carmela says that Jean knows Meadow, so she can tell her sister how great a kid Meadow is. Jean eventually caves and says she'll talk to her sister about it. Carmela never loses her cool, continuing to play the nice neighborly housewife as she thanks Jean and leaves.

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