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"Oh! That jacket."

Jeannie and Joannie are played by the same woman. Jean shows up at Joan's office and tells Joan that she thinks she "goofed." She says that Carmela Soprano wants a letter of recommendation for Meadow. Joan says she's not writing a letter that will put mob blood on the Georgetown campus. Jean's nervous. Joan wants Jean to stand up for herself. I don't know why the women in this show have to always say their sentences in broken fragments like questions with their voices all high and incredulous. "That I'm busy? Which I am? That I don't even know the girl?" Jean says it's just a letter. Joan says no. Jean says that the Sopranos are her neighbors. Joan asks if Jean thinks she'll be put in cement boots over an application. Jean says she just wants to be polite. Joan says she's already writing a letter for a nice Dominican boy from the projects with a 5.2 average. Jean tries the whole "I knew you wouldn't do it" reverse psychology thing, but that doesn't work on Joan either. Joan tells Jean to deal with it. Jean sighs.

Richie and Janice have stopped by the Soprano house to pick up some of Livia's furniture. Richie calls Livia "Ma," which Tony hears. Carmela adds them to the dinner table, along with her parents and AJ. Meadow isn't there yet. Richie sits at the foot of the table. Richie says that he missed friends and family all of these years. Tony laughs. Carmela tells him that he's always welcome. Carmela says she hopes everyone is hungry for crown roast. Carmela's mother stands up to help, and Carmela tells her to sit down. Then she adds, "Janice, sit down," even though Janice is just sitting there pouring some wine. Carmela leaves to get the roast, and Tony starts smiling again. He tells Janice to sit down again; Janice gives him a look. Richie asks how The Jacket is doing. He explains to Janice that he gave Tony a jacket. Tony says it's "terrific," and then excuses himself to get the knife for the roast.

In the kitchen, Carmela compliments Tony on his behavior out in the dining room. Tony says he just wants to keep Richie where he can see him. "That's what we mean when we say family," Carmela says as she kisses his cheek. Tony jabs the knife into the roast and walks off with it. Meadow runs into the kitchen and apologizes for being late. Carmela complains and Meadow whines and they bicker quickly about her being late. Meadow goes through her mail, and the phone rings right as Meadow asks why the letter from Berkeley is all covered in gunk. It's Jean on the phone, telling Carmela that Joan can't write the letter of recommendation because she's already writing a letter of recommendation for someone else. She tells Carmela about how he's Dominican and from the projects, but she also adds that he's got a crack addict mother and cerebral palsy, and that's when she loses Carm. Carm asks why Joan can't write more than one letter, and Jean suggests that Carmela get a letter from their priest and then quickly gets off the phone. Meadow asks what the phone call was all about, but Carm says it was nothing.

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