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"Oh! That jacket."

Christopher and Adriana just finished having sex, prompting Adriana to moan, "Jesus fucking mother of Christ, Christopher," which is the dream of at least five men I know. Christopher lights a cigarette and offers one to Adriana, but she says she'll just share his. He says if he'd known the sex was going to get better and better, he would have asked her to marry him sooner. She pinches his nipple for implying that it might not have been good before. Then she coos that she loves her ring. Christopher says that Tony was right. He's going to focus now. No more drugs. "Eye on the prize." He says he's going to rededicate himself. Adriana says she doesn't know why they always fight. Christopher says it's his fault: "I don't always communicate my needs." Heh. They talk about how much they love each other, and kiss.

Carmela listens to Sting's "Fields of Gold" as she works on a sketch of AJ. Richie walks in and brings a plate of tripe he made for Carmela as a thank you for dinner on Sunday night. Recapping this show makes me gain ten pounds a week. Carmela says the kids are going to "freak out" when they see it. I'll say. She offers Richie a cup of coffee. He accepts. Carmela asks about Janice. Richie says it's ironic the way that life works -- twenty years later, back where they started. "For every shoe, there is a mate," Carmela says. I so wish that was the title of this episode. Carmela's housekeeper enters the kitchen and says that her husband is there to pick up the things in the basement that Carmela is giving them. Carmela tells her to go right ahead. She tells Richie that they have too many televisions. As Liliana and her husband Stasiu walk by, Richie sees that Liliana's husband is wearing The Jacket. Carmela tells Liliana where to find the remote. She starts telling Richie about how Liliana and Stasiu don't have much, and how Stasiu was an important engineer in Poland but here he can hardly make any money. Richie, fuming over the insult to The Jacket, is no longer listening, and when Carmela asks him what's wrong, he excuses himself and leaves. I love this show.

Bada Bing. The Monkey Boys are pouting. They can't get a hold of Christopher. They look around the room at the other made men. Matt shakes his head and says, "This is fucked." He says they're like two scared rabbits. Douche bags. He says they aren't doing anything. Sean says they're just getting started. Matt says they have to do something. Sean agrees that they have to do something to get ahead.

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