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Like shooting Pussy in a barrel

Meadow's graduation. A.J., Carmela, and Tony cheer as Meadow gets her diploma. Maryangela is her middle name, for you trivia freaks out there. She leaves, and they call Jonathan Tiffen. Soprano to Tiffen? Bullshit. Not at any high school I know. ["It's a private school; fewer students." -- Sars] Meadow blows a kiss to her parents, who hold each other with pride.

After the ceremony, Tony walks with Christopher. He says it's graduation day, so he feels that he should tell Christopher that he's proposing Chris to get his button. Chris says he deserves it. "I ain't got no spleen, Gene," he smiles. They hug. Christopher sees Junior talking to Meadow. Tony walks over and pulls Junior away from Meadow. "Carmela sees you she's gonna cut you a new asshole," he says. "I'm leaving," Junior says. Meadow pouts, but holds her gift. Junior's gone. Tony sees David trying to get some coffee, but it's empty. Just his luck, right? Tony walks over and says it's great to see the kids graduate. "Ah, youth," David says. "It's what's important." Okay, crazy broke guy. Whatever you say. David says that Eric got accepted to Georgetown, but there are some money problems. Tony says he heard that David and Charlene split up. "Christine," David corrects him. He says he's getting the fuck out of there. "I got a job on a ranch out west." Tony laughs into his sleeve, but David's not kidding. He grew up in New Mexico. Plus the ranch is in Nevada, which is close to Vegas, which is where David will soon be sucking dick for cash. He invites Tony to come play in Vegas with him. Tony leaves that sad piece of dad behind and goes to hug Meadow. He kisses her forehead and says he's proud of her.

Meadow's party. Cake is served. Angie is complaining to someone, saying that Pussy knew the party was today and that she called him over and over. She bitches that he's so selfish. Cue the classic rock. A.J. films Adriana. Silvio hugs Meadow and gives her an envelope. Another envelope from Paulie. They hug. People take pictures of the Soprano family.

The Barone Sanitation trucks are at work. A man enters a peep show.

People take pictures of Tony, A.J., Meadow, and Carmela.

The house where they sold shares of Webistics is quiet, dark, and empty.

Someone takes a picture of all the goodfellas.

A man sells calling cards on the street.

Hesh, Furio, and Christopher are laughing and joking as their pictures are taken.

A smack addict is passing out in the lobby of the whorehouse hotel. The Jewish desk clerk wakes him up and takes his cigarette.

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