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Like shooting Pussy in a barrel

Pan over to Tony in bed. Off-screen, we hear Carmela ask if Tony's up yet. He sits up in bed. Carm asks how he's feeling.

Tony's sitting in Melfi's office. He says he had fucked-up fever dreams last night. He says he shot a friend of his. He says that in real life, this guy does some shit that annoys him, like sending out Christmas-time reports of how well his nieces and nephews are doing, and how he has a habit of humming commercial jingles, but he's a friend and doesn't really do anything wrong. He's "a terrific earner." Melfi just stares at Tony. She says he was filled with anger. Tony says she knows everything about him. Melfi says they've never dealt with his anger before, and look at the costs. Melfi turns into the chick from Italy, but she's still got Melfi's voice as she says, "You are the biggest threat to yourself." Tony says he thought that's what being a human being is. She says that some people are more self-destructive than others. "You gonna make me eat something now?" Tony asks her. Italian Chick Melfi says, "Maybe. If you keep this up." Tony shakes his head no.

Tony wakes up and makes a farty run to the bathroom. He pukes again and says he's dying. Carmela covers him with a blanket. Tony says he doesn't want her to see him like this. "Please," Carm moans. Tony says he's freezing, and Carm notes that his teeth are chattering. She rubs his back and asks if he wants help getting to the bed. Tony says he might as well just stay there. Carm says he's got food poisoning. Tony moans about his dreams and starts a string of curses.

Back to dreamland. Adriana's waiting at the wheel of a car as Tony sits on the passenger side. Pan to the backseat, where Christopher sits. Tony asks where Pussy is. A roll of toilet paper is handed up to Tony from the backseat. Pan back to Furio, who is now sitting next to Christopher, handing Tony the toilet paper. Adriana starts the car, and the camera pulls back to reveal the four of them taking off in a tiny red Volkswagen bug.

Tony's in bed. The closed captioning says "(farting)." If only it was really that discreet. Tony opens his eyes.

Carmela opens the front door. It's Artie, wanting to finalize the menus for Meadow's graduation party. Carm has forgotten about this, and mentions that they were up with Tony being so sick. Artie says the food poisoning couldn't have been from his place, because he got an A rating. Tony hears that Artie's there, and booms for Carm to send Artie up. Carm tells Tony to shut up, that he's speaking nonsense. Tony tells Carm to send him up again, and Artie goes upstairs.

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