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Like shooting Pussy in a barrel

It's a strange shot of Pussy's kitchen we're looking at as Silvio tells Angie that he was supposed to pick up ten bags of mulch from Home Depot before he did anything this morning. Angie nags him for sitting at her table instead of making his wife happy. Pussy wonders what's taking Tony so long upstairs.

Upstairs, we pan from the running sink water to Tony going through Pussy's drawers. He moves around clothes and searches each drawer.

Downstairs, Angie says she's looking forward to Meadow's graduation party.

Tony walks out of Pussy's closet and opens the box on the bureau. It holds cigars. Tony's body relaxes, and then tenses again. He opens the box and taps it. He moves the cigars and takes off the fake bottom. The box holds mini-cassette tapes and a tape recorder -- the wire.

Tony walks downstairs and says they need to go buy a boat. Silvio and Pussy's faces show that they both understand what's going on.

Tom Petty's "Freefalling" is playing as Tony sits down at his dinner table. He tells Meadow, A.J., and Carmela that he bought a big boat today. Meadow brags that she decided to go to Columbia. Everyone applauds.

Tony wakes up from the backseat. Silvio is sipping on a flask. He offers a sip to Pussy. Pussy says it's a little early in the day. Silvio says it helps him get sea legs. Pussy grabs the flask and takes a sip.

Paulie's already at the boat as the other three men walk up. Pussy asks if Tony still wants to go out today, since he's "got the trots." Tony says the tide waits for no man. He says that he's been waiting for over forty minutes, and the owner had to go talk to the harbormaster but they can take the boat out for a test run. Paulie tells Pussy to get on the boat.

The boat's deep in the water when Paulie says the boat rides nice. Pussy's just watching the water. Tony invites everyone down below to check out the mahogany.

Downstairs, Pussy starts playing with the radio. The three men line up behind him. "Take a seat, Puss," Silvio says as the music starts. Pussy turns around and asks if they should test-drop the anchor to see how it holds. "Later," Paulie says. I think the song playing is "Tiny Bubbles," but I'm not sure. Pussy sits down. "Why you making me do this, you fat fucking miserable piece of shit?" Tony asks. Pussy plays dumb. Tony sits down. "When did they flip you? Tell me. Don't lie." Pussy keeps playing dumb, as the closed captioning tells me it's Frank Sinatra singing behind Puss, so I'm not sure it's "Tiny Bubbles" anymore. ["It's 'Baubles, Bangles and Beads.' Close, though." -- Sars] Pussy finally puts his head in his hands. Tony keeps staring at him. Pussy looks to Silvio and Paulie. He runs his hand through his hair and says, "They had me, Tony." He admits that he was going to get thirty to life for selling heroin. Tony asks how long he's been talking. Pussy says less than a year and a half. "Year and a half you've been running your own fucking gossip column?" Paulie asks. He pushes Pussy against the wall. Pussy asks to explain. He says he fed them bullshit. Nothing. He says he just wanted to live and keep earning. He did nothing to put anyone in harm's way. Tony asks if it was nothing to tip them off about the Bevelaqua murder. Pussy swears on his mother's eyes that he didn't do that. Paulie shuts off the radio. Pussy says he told them about the calling cards. "I'm not in that," Paulie says, relieved. He gets angry again and asks, "But what else?" Pussy says nothing else "recently." Tony asks what else. Silvio leaves to find out what's banging against the boat. Pussy says he's being careful and he's fucking the Feds. "Webistics?" Tony asks. Pussy admits to it. He says he mostly spilled on David's bust-out, nothing that they can trace to Tony without serial numbers. Tony stands up and goes back on deck. Pussy and Paulie stare at each other in silence.

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