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Like shooting Pussy in a barrel

It's Livia. "Put Anthony on," she says. "Don't call here," Carmela tells her. Livia says that she's in Newark Airport and they've been held there all day. Carmela tells Tony that his mother is still at the airport. Livia says she needs a lawyer. She's at airport security; Anthony gave her a stolen ticket and they're going to call the FBI. Carmela hands the phone to Tony and says he has to talk to her. "The fun never stops," she says as she walks off. Tony gets on the phone and Livia whispers, "Anthony, the tickets are stolen." Tony's doorbell rings as Livia asks if he did it. Tony says he'll send someone down to pick her up, but he doesn't know what she's talking about. The doorbell rings again as Tony hangs up and says, "Jesus Christ. How fucking hard is it to get on an airplane?"

Carmela answers the door. It's the Feds. "Agent Harris," Tony smiles as he walks up. They have a warrant to search the house, property, and vehicle for stolen airline tickets. Tony asks to see the warrant. They show Tony the tickets that they picked up from the Suburban. They start reading Tony his rights and searching the house.

Tony is getting cuffed as Carmela explains that Meadow is about to graduate, and asks if they can wait a few days to "persecute" Tony. They lead Tony to the front door, where Meadow walks in with her friends. Tony says it's okay and he'll be home in a couple of hours. "I'm graduating tomorrow!" Meadow wails as she runs up the stairs. The Feds lead Tony out the front door, and Meadow's friends decide it's best to get out of the house. Carmela stands and thinks.

Tony's getting fingerprinted, and he asks if they need another picture of him for their wallets. Tony falls against the table as the chief comments, "Tony Soprano. Weak in the knees. Can't take the heat?" Tony explains that he's got food poisoning, and what they're doing doesn't scare him one bit. "You think this bothers me, you fuckhead?" They lead him to his jail cell. Tony tosses the napkin he wiped the ink off with into some Fed's lap. Even the guy getting pelted with napkin has to break a grin. Tony turns and tells Frank not to expect any deli trays anytime soon. Tony sits in his cell.

Oh, Lord. Meadow's got the sad music playing, and she's got her face shoved into a stick of burning incense as she pouts in her bed. Carmela walks in and asks Meadow if she's sleeping. "Yes," Meadow responds. Carm says she wants to talk to her. "I am so not going to miss this," Meadow brats as she sits up. Carmela sits down and tells Meadow that Tony means well. He's given his life for his family. She says she knows that it must have been embarrassing for Meadow, and if Meadow wants to talk, she's here. "This is who Dad is," Meadow interrupts. "My friends don't judge me. And fuck them if they do. I'll cut them off." Daddy's little girl.

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