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Christopher, Adrianna, and the Monkey Boys are out in a bar somewhere. *N Sync Monkey Boy asks Chris, "When do we get to roll with Tony?" as if Tony was actually a member of *N Sync. He goes on to wonder, "What's it like hanging with him? You cap motherfuckers together?" Not From A Bronx Tale volunteers, "We'll do anything for him. Wet work, pick up his dry cleaning. Whatever." When Christopher responds with a withering stare, *N Sync plaintively asks, "Does Tony ever talk about us?" Christopher dismisses him with "No." and turns immediately to fight with Adrianna, who's been doing a slow burn the whole time. She chews him out for leaving the gas stove on after cooking his drugs. "I lit a cigarette. I could've been killed." Christopher doesn't want her discussing his heroin problem in front of the hired help. "Why?" she asks. "They'll still kiss your ass." With that she storms out of the restaurant, and Christopher gets off his parting shot: "Yeah. That's right. Go home and make my dinner." And this guy wanted to be a screenwriter?

Cut to a shiny silver diner somewhere on the New Jersey turnpike. Tony walks in and slides into a booth across from Dr. Melfi, who's dining alone. "Don't yell, don't scream, all the cutlery stays where it is," he says. She's clearly not happy to see him, which Tony doesn't understand, because she got her office back and there's no harm done. She guilts him with a story about a patient who committed suicide, and Tony looks genuinely distraught. He tells her that he knows he doesn't deserve her help but he's "got a family, and believe or not, they're better with [him] than without [him]" He tells her about his accident, and reminds her that she once told him to call her if he ever had an attack while driving. "That was a very different time for us," she responds. I ordinarily don't care much for Lorraine Bracco, but she's excellent in this scene. You can totally see that Melfi wants him back, but she's too scared to admit it. Tony asks for a referral, and she refuses. He assures her that no one got killed over her, and she looks relieved for just a moment before ordering him to "get the hell out of [her] life." Tony stands reluctantly, and walks out.

In the parking lot, we come full circle with another Kubrickian composition as Tony stares pensively into the camera with clouds forming behind him on the horizon. And thus ends the beginning of season two. With rumors of the show's impending demise floating in the winds, be sure to tune in Sunday night for what might be the beginning of the end.

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