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All In The Family

Out back, the party is in full swing. Tony works the grill, surrounded by his crew. Off to one side, Janice and Barbara (the other sister) are talking. They agree that Tony looks just like their father, standing over the fire. The conversation moves to the subject of Livia, and Barbara warns Janice not to get too attached. Janice thinks Tony is being needlessly cruel, and even points out that Tony is trying to sell Livia's house. Barbara defends Tony and assures Janice, "You'll get your cut." Ouch. I think it's pretty clear where the loyalties lie in this family. Janice pretty much ignores the burn, and notices Paulie entering the yard. "God, isn't he dead yet?" she exclaims, and I say a little prayer that David Chase never even considers killing Paulie off.

Cut to later, as Janice is leaving the party. Carmela walks her out, and tries to convince her to stay. Janice says she has to meet some friends who "might finance [her] video," and hops into a big black van being driven by an even bigger black guy. It's probably for the best that Tony didn't see that, especially if you've been naughty and read the spoilers for season three.

Around the back of the house, Tony is taking out the trash. He comes across the ugly car, and instead of mistaking it for a dumpster (as I might have), he notices a For Sale sign in the back seat. Realizing it's the one from Livia's house, he storms back inside, where Carmela tries to calm him down. He rants that Janice has been conning him from the beginning. "I'm still a little fat kid to her," he says, stalking around the living room. Carmela shuts him down, telling him he needs to get back into therapy, and pretty much forcing him back out to the party. He finally relents and goes outside to play with his friends.

So the whole crew gathers around the grill. Tony is a little peeved to find that Pussy has replaced him as chef, but he lets it go. Silvio is telling a story about a trip he took with a "Rockette who put LSD in his drink." As they banter about where he got the tickets, Hesh mentions a plan to steal frequent-flier miles or airline tickets on a wholesale basis. I hear thunder, and The Clouds Of Foreshadowing begin to gather above my apartment. Tony looks like he's experiencing the beginnings of another panic attack. Pussy starts talking about something or other, but we don't really know what because the sound slows down again and we get a weird slo-mo shot of Pussy looking right into the camera. The Clouds Of Foreshadowing burst open and rain anvils directly onto my roof. And I just finally got it fixed after the Scream fiasco. Finally the sound comes back to normal, and Tony looks like he just swallowed a bug. I never would have noticed it the first time around, but that one scene set up pretty much every major story arc for the season.

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