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The Art Of Whore

David Chase: Thanks. I dig West Wing too.
Aaron Sorkin: You know, you're kinda cute for an old guy.
David Chase: I like your hair.
George Lucas: Bamp Jabba bamp bamp.
David Chase and Aaron Sorkin: Get out. Now.

Or maybe it's sex and cars that we should be talking about, because Tony pulls up to Annabella's Mercedes dealership and hops out. She finishes up with a customer, and then smiles when she sees Tony. She still looks great, too. She walks over to Tony, who tells her, "[He's] had his eye on…one of these." I guess he's referring to the car. "Can I take it for a test drive?" Or maybe he's not, since you could cut the subtext here with a knife. They climb into the car and drive off straight into a sex scene on the Stugots. But first Annabella stops to call Melfi and cancel her appointment. She passes on the opportunity to reschedule, but Melfi overhears Tony complaining about wine coolers in the background and the wheels start turning. Melfi hangs up the phone, looking thoughtful, and we cut back to Tony and Annabella macking on the boat. The Stugots, by the way, is my other namesake. Anyway, as a song about captains comes up on the soundtrack, we get one last shot of the empty Mercedes, and then we fade to black.

Aaron Sorkin: Need a light?
David Chase: Thanks. [flick] Ahhh....
Aaron Sorkin: So...
David Chase: Yeah.
Aaron Sorkin: You're gonna call me, right? Because I think you should call me. Calling me is something you should really consider doing.
David Chase: Shut up, Aaron.

Next week on The Sopranos: Furio kicks a guy in the nuts. That's all you really need to know.

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