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Aprile Abode. Jackie Jr. reclines on his bed, listening to his headphones. He's got a New Jersey Devils poster on the wall behind him, which means that I should refuse to recap this scene just on the Penguins Principle alone, but I'll suffer through it just for you people. I do it all for you, you know. Feel free to thank me any way you like, but since this recap has already covered at least one suggested method at length, I'll just move on. Rosalie enters and remarks that, while she knows he "doesn't like to be pinned down," she was hoping to know if he'd be joining them for Thanksgiving. Jackie wants to know who'll be there, asking specifically about Meadow. Cut to Meadow, asking Carmela that exact same question. Carmela reads off a long list of attendees, including Janice and "some guy from her prayer group," but all Meadow cares about is Jackie Jr. By the way, she's wearing his tallis scarf around her neck and sniffing it through this whole scene. And while I'm not normally one to comment on the fashion choices made by this show (except when they eschew the fashion altogether and wander about in boxers and a robe all day), I do have to point out that Carmela is wearing a truly hideous puke-green shirt that's covered with pineapples, and exposing far more cleavage than is strictly appropriate. Then again, this whole recap is so far from "strictly appropriate" that that's probably a good thing. By the way, this shouldn't be construed as license to post boob jokes in the forums or anything. Do as I say, not as I do.

When Carmela admits she doesn't know whether Jackie is coming or not, Meadow practically leaves a vapor trail in her haste to hang up. Carm's phone rings again right away, and this time it's Rosalie. They start talking immediately about the potential for Meadow and Little Lord Fuckpants, with Rosalie gushing, "Can you imagine the beautiful children those two would make? With those genes?" I'm not even gonna touch that one, but I will repeat the sentiment posted in the forums that it's not like the last Soprano/Aprile pairing worked out too well. I'll then echo another sentiment from the forums, namely that this show loves to repeat itself, and leave you to ponder the potential outcomes of this particular plotline. Carmela, by the way, doesn't appear to be at all excited by the idea. When she hangs up, Tony appears, smashing the hijacked turkey down onto the counter hard enough to rattle the utensils. He instructs Carmela to call the Apriles and cancel their invitation to dinner, because it's "enough with this Jetsons shit. Them going over to Spacely Sprocket's house for dinner." I do love me a topical Jetsons reference, even if I'm not a particularly big fan of the show itself. It was always sort of the RC Cola to Fred Flintstone's Coke Classic, if you ask me. Tony roots frantically through the bags until he finds some antacid, then stalks off, chewing about half the roll of tablets.

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