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Best. Line. Ever.

Junior falls asleep in front of the television. He snores loudly. Catherine stands up, grabs his breathing gear, and puts it over his head. Junior protests, but she tells him to just wear it. She kisses the top of his head and turns the machine on. Junior's quietly sleeping, and Catherine goes back to Diagnosis Murder.

Paulie cooks pasta. Pussy and Furio look at porn. Christopher plays cards. Tony walks in. Everyone's happy to see him again. Christopher's achy, and asks Tony to take it easy on the hugs. Tony asks for an update. They're thinking about hitting up something for some tech stuff. "Hesh knows a guy." Tony asks what else is going on. "Nothing," they say. Tony sits down and starts polishing his shoes with an electric polisher. Back at the stove, Paulie tells Silvio he's having a lot of luck with Swiss Basics Moisturizing Formula. Tony takes the polisher and applies it to his rash. Christopher wins his game of cards. There's a crash outside. Everyone jumps up and runs outside.

It's a car accident. Carmine apparently speeds often. Tony sends Silvio to bitch him out for speeding in the neighborhood. They argue as Tony sits with Paulie at the table outside. Tony lights a cigar, and Paulie starts tanning. Agent Harris shows up to introduce Tony to his new partner, Joe Marquez. Tony jokes that there weren't any openings at the post office. Harris and Tony small-talk, and eventually discuss the car accident. Pan back as everyone and everything's back to normal.

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