House Arrest

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Best. Line. Ever.

Junior's refrigerator. The manicott' is gone. Bobby ate it. Junior yells at Bobby for eating it. Bobby says it's not his fault Junior's hand got caught: "Why you got to be so nasty?" Bobby walks away, and Junior sees that Bobby washed the dishes while he was done. Junior goes over to the phone and calls information. He wants the number for Catherine Romano. He calls the information recording a cocksucker.

Tony's seeing a doctor for the rash on his arm. The doctor says it might be brought on by stress. Tony's unhappy about this diagnosis. The doctor prescribes some cortisone. He says it might be an irritant in the air at the sanitation station. The doctor says he knows Tony's seeing a therapist, and he might want to discuss stress management.

Cut to Tony fucking the hell out of Connie at his desk while the phone rings. She's in his lap, tossing everything off the desk as the phone keeps ringing and the dog barks outside. There you go.

Junior sits with Catherine in his kitchen. She says she was surprised to hear from him. She stopped by the other day, but he was out. She says it was strange because she thought she heard him yelling inside the dark house. They sip coffee. Catherine asks Junior if her husband was ever "on the take." She says she finds wads of cash sometimes, hidden in places. Junior says that her husband probably won it all at the track. Catherine looks hopeful. "You think so?" Junior says somebody has to win.

Carm and Tony walk through an empty house. It's huge. Carm tells Tony to take more of an interest in Janice's potential new house. Tony says he's there, isn't he? Janice and Richie show up all laughing and joking about how Janice got them lost. Janice thinks the house is great, and if they have kids it'll be perfect. Janice and Carmela run off to look at the kitchen, leaving Tony and Richie to stare at each other. Tony says he talked to Junior. Richie says he knows. Tony makes sure they're clear on the drug shit. He wants to know how Richie plans on paying for the house. Richie starts bragging about how his house is better than Tony's house. The walls, the paint, the lawn -- all are better than Tony's house. Tony starts getting panicky; he tells Carm that he doesn't feel well, and he's going to leave. Carm feels his forehead and says he's all clammy. She starts to leave with him, but Tony tells her to stay with Richie and Janice.

Tony makes it outside the house and starts panting. He's twitching and gasping. He sees Richie wave and smile from the window. "Oh, you poor bastard," Tony says, and walks off.

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