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Johnny Be Good

Tony's car. Which is a nice, shiny-new, silver Escalade, by the way. Looks like Cadillac paid their product-placement bills in full this month. Ever the classic-rock aficionado, Tony is rocking out to The Clash's "Rock the Casbah" when he spots Phil Leotardo coming out of a neighborhood pizzeria. Just for the record, when I sat down to write this recap and fired up the iPod, that was the first song that came on. I'm not sure what that might mean. Tony finds a parking space and clambers out to chat up Phil, but Phil just ignores him and climbs back into his own car. He yells something about meeting Johnny Sack, and then squeals away, leaving Tony to run back to the Escalade and give chase. It's a pretty nifty sequence as these things go, punctuated by a hilarious shot of Phil tossing his snack food (I'm guessing Italian Ice) out the window. We also get lots of rear-view-mirror shots, and the sound editors get funky and only play "Rock the Casbah" when we're inside Tony's car. Tony eventually pulls up alongside Phil, shouting, "Where you gonna go, motherfucker?" Phil tries to accelerate past him, but finds himself boxed in. Then he looks up and sees a double-parked Boar's Head truck just an instant before he smashes into it.

Tony pulls over and leaps out of his car so that he can play the concerned citizen in front of a rapidly growing crowd of on-lookers. He heads over to Phil, who is alive, but dazed and groggy with an airbag in his face. Aw. Steve Buscemi gave himself a shout-out. Isn't that cute? It's not like the even better shout-out he gives himself at the end of the episode, but it'll do for now. Tony leans in real close, grabs Phil by the throat, and demands his money. "You got twenty-four hours," he threatens. Then he turns to the shocked bystanders, announces that he's called 911, and gets jauntily heads back to his own car. Heh. Sars just laughs at me every time I ask this question, but how is it possible that none of these people have ever called the cops on these guys?

Yet another funeral, presumably for the hot-tub kid. Mom is bawling her eyes out, and Dad the Dry Cleaner has to lead her upstairs. Everyone else in attendance appears appropriately melancholy. Everyone except for Junior, that is, who's smiling happily and quite pleased that the chicken is "nice and spicy." Whatever. Farewell, Hot Tub Kid. But look at it this way: If this were Six Feet Under, they probably would have shown the contusions from where you got sucked into the filter.

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