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Johnny Be Good

Tim's place. He's working at his laptop, and I have to say that his writing style perfectly matches my own. In other words, he's got an ashtray jammed with butts on one side, a cup of coffee on the other, and he's busy playing Snood instead of writing anything. He's just like me! Only better-looking. And better paid. And he's also got an Emmy on the shelf behind him. I've got a Lego Darth Vader on the shelf behind me. Maybe that's why I never married. The doorbell rings, and Tim tries to go all stealth and look through the peephole without giving away that he's at home. It doesn't quite work, though, because Christopher yells that he can see Tim's shadow. Tim reluctantly lets him in, claiming that he thought Christopher was some girl who's a big pain in the ass. Yeah. I'm betting he's not the first person who's ever thought that about Christopher. But maybe I shouldn't make that bet, because Chris is all business when it comes to collections. Tim keeps insisting that the Dick Wolf thing will come through any day now, only this time we learn that his big meeting is actually with someone named "Rene Balcer," who is either a seventeenth-century court fop from Versailles, or Dick Wolf's "right-hand guy." "I got out of that business because people fuck you over," says Chris, apparently not noting the irony inherent in his current business. "Jon Favreau? Faggot cocksucker tried to steal my ideas." And what spectacular ideas they were. Timmy promises to have the money by next week, but Chris tells him to have it by the next day.

Tony has taken Fran out for dinner at Vesuvio, and she's bragging all about the $600 shoes she just bought. She's also lifting her foot up over the table so that he can see them. Oh yeah. That's classy. "I thought you were paying your phone bill," gripes Tony. And she was going to, she says, but it'd been so long since the last time she treated herself. So, you know, she decided to buy some really uncomfortable shoes. Artie shows up to deliver their wine glasses, and I have to say that the absolute best thing about this entire episode is that we see Artie, AJ, and Meadow, and yet they don't get even one single line between them. In other words, while everyone else in the TV industry is getting slammed, I get the best shout-out ever. Aw. Sniff. I love you guys. Tony tells Fran all about Uncle Zio and Aunt Concetta, and how Zio's health has gone rapidly downhill since she died. Fran doesn't really care about anything except her new shoes, so she just sits there looking awkward until the waiter shows up with their wine.

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