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Johnny Be Good

Tim's place. Mr. Daly has finally hit rock bottom (and after The Fugitive, you wouldn't think there'd be much farther to fall), and he's whining to an angry Christopher about all his problems. The Dick Wolf thing fell through, like we all knew it would, and now he owes both Christopher and his ex-wife way more than he can pay. Oh, and he's also been shooting up heroin for days. Chris gets all AA on his ass, and demands to know why Tim never called his sponsor. "I couldn't get him!" sobs Timbo. "So why the fuck didn't you call me?" shouts Christopher. Tim just looks utterly incredulous at that, and Chris slowly figures it out. Heh.

Melfi's office. Tony is sadly recounting his experiences with Fran, and he may be starting to realize that she and his daddy might not have been the wonder couple he was building them up to be. He tells a story about how he came home from school one day to find a note saying that Livia was in the hospital. She'd been pregnant with a "change of life" baby after Barbara, but then apparently had suffered a miscarriage. Tony's job was to find his father and get him over to the hospital as quickly as possible. As Old Tony explains that he called every number he could think of and still couldn't find Johnny, we segue into a flashback featuring Young Tony. And let's take a moment, by the way, to discuss Young Tony, who is now a teenager and significantly thinner than he was the last time we saw him. He's also got a truly unfortunate haircut that looks like what would happen if you gave a kid a bowl cut for his tenth birthday and then never touched it again. Anyway, later that night Young Tony gets a call from Johnny, who's in bed with Fran. Johnny seems genuinely stricken by the news, but Fran was more of a player back then, so she stubs out her cigarette, stomps out of the room, and quickly calls him to dinner. This prompts Johnny to say that he's all tied up at the moment, but that he'll come out and get Tony as soon as he can. "He came and got me the next morning," narrates Old Tony, and then we're right back into the flashback. Now it's Livia who's in bed, albeit a hospital bed. Incidentally, is this same Young Livia as last time? ["No. That was Laila Robins; this is some nobody named Laurie Williams." -- Wing Chun] I remembered her looking different in that "Meat the Parents" scene. She certainly doesn't sound any different, though, because she's screaming at Johnny for being with "that whore" instead of at the hospital. Johnny spins a highly improbable yarn about taking Tony to a Yankee game, and the car's breaking down, and them all having to spend the night at cousin Jimmy's house. If nothing else, at least Tony's a better liar than his dad. Or rather, he will have had been a better liar than his dad: Johnny asks Tony to confirm his story, and Livia turns a cold eye on her son and waits for his response. Young Tony quivers with indecision for a moment, before backing his dad and causing Livia to turn away in tears. It's obvious that she already knew the truth, and just wanted to see which way Tony would go. So we probably shouldn't forget that she was still quite the evil bitch, even while Tony (and by extension we the viewers) are learning that Johnny wasn't exactly a prince himself.

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