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Johnny Be Good

Once the service is over, Tony corners Junior and tells him that he's going to visit Papa Johnny's grave. He invites Junior to join him, but Uncle Jun has other ideas: "Five hours they let me out for these funerals," he complains. "I gotta spend it being maudlin? It's a beautiful day!" Tony is more than a little offended that Junior wouldn't want to pay his respects, and it only gets worse when Junior claims that he can pay those respects from "the after party." Heh. I've sat plenty of shiva in my day, and I'm not sure I've ever heard it called an "after party" before. All things considered, though, it's not that bad a description. Junior merrily wanders off, and Bobby comes over to explain that the "uptake inhibitors" the old man has been taking have improved his mood and his memory. But not his sense of decorum, apparently.

Tony makes his way over to another part of the cemetery, where he finds a woman with orange hair, an orange necklace, an orange shirt, and a tangerine skirt sitting on a bench near Johnny and Livia's graves. You know, I wrote a lot of term papers back while I was at Syracuse, so I'm totally taking her choice of palette as a shout-out. And also as an indication that she's color-blind. Incidentally, the blessings of HDTV allow me to reveal that Livia's epitaph is "A mother's love." Um, okay. Unfortunately, no one has managed to get off their ass and make an HD-TiVo available to me just yet (I'm looking at you, Comcast!), so I didn't have time to check out Johnny's as well. Anyway, Tony tries to strike up a conversation with the Princess of Orange, on the assumption that she must have been a friend of Livia's. Which is why he's a bit surprised to learn that she knows Tony's name, and even more surprised when he asks if they know each other and she replies, "No, you're not annoying me." Heh. Speak for yourself, lady. Tony repeats the question a little louder, and she finally understands and clarifies that she was a "friend" of his father. The air-quotes around "friend" were apparently actually audible, because Tony quickly realizes that she's "the lady from Bamberger's" whom his dad was having an affair with. He's surprisingly amused by the whole thing, and after she introduces herself as Fran Felstein, they sit down together on the bench. She then goes on to reveal that she visits Johnny's grave every now and then, and that she was very sorry to hear about Tony's mother's death. "At least she didn't suffer," jokes Tony. "She made all of us suffer instead." "Believe me," agrees Fran. "I heard the stories from your dad." She also tells him that Johnny was very proud of his son, and that he always told Fran she should call Tony if she ever needed anything. "What do you need?" asks Tony, sensing that the other shoe is about to drop. But it never actually does, because she replies that she needs nothing at all, and the scene comes to an end. Now, I know a lot of people in the forums believe this was all a set-up, and that Fran was waiting at the grave because she knew Tony would be coming and she could get her hooks into him. Personally, I don't believe that for a second. You know how you can tell it wasn't a conspiracy? Because it was Father Intintola performing the ceremony, and not Ryan Chappelle. That's just not this show's style.

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