In Camelot

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Johnny Be Good

And then we wrap things up for the week in the Bing, which is just chock full of gratuitous tit shots. God Bless America, my friends. Tony and the gang are gathered around the bar, and Tony is regaling them with stories about Fran, and bragging about her relationship with JFK. He's also embellishing it quite a bit, claiming that they dated for three years, and that Jackie Kennedy thought the marriage was over. Everyone buys it hook, line, and handkerchief, except Diet Tony, who starts to look a little skeptical near the end. But that doesn't really matter, because we cut back to the tits, and then Tony takes a long drag on his cigar that's never just a cigar, and The Sopranos fades to black while reminding us of ALL the reasons why network television just can't compete.

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