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Johnny Be Good

Junior's Joint. The old guy is reading the obituaries with a magnifying glass. You had to see it, but heh. He spots a random Italian name, and then calls up Melvoin to ask him for permission to attend the funeral. Mel reminds him that he can only get out of his house arrest if the funeral is for a relative. Or, you know, if he just wants to go for a walk or something. Junior: "He's my niece's godfather. I think I met him at a barbecue once. The bicentennial." Hmm. Now would that niece be Barbara or Janice, do you think? And more importantly, why would I ever be crazy enough to try to understand the family trees on this show? In any event, Mel promises to give it a shot. Then we get a look at the client who's been waiting in his office this whole time, and the guy totally wants to be LL Cool J, but just isn't quite making it. Which is really sad, when you think about it.

Tony pays a visit to Fran at her house, which has apparently been trapped in some sort of shagadelic, Austin Power-esque, 1960s time warp. While she fusses around making coffee, Tony checks out the pictures on her countertop. I gotta say, Polly Bergen -- like Nancy Marchand -- was quite a babe back in the day. Tony, however, is more interested in a picture of Fran's son, who looks exactly like Harry Potter. Tony's not much of a Quidditch fan, though, and what really grabs his attention is the dog that also appears in the picture. Fran starts babbling about her son, whose name is Bruce, and who "met an Israeli girl," and now works as a "food-service director for El-Al." Heh. I've flown El-Al, and that food could definitely use some direction. Then again, given this show's well-known flight-attendant fetish, I wonder what Tony would say if he knew that El-Al stewardesses frequently serve beverages while strapped with a sidearm. He'd probably get pretty turned on, to be honest. But that's not important right now, because Tony has definitely recognized the dog in the photo as the late, lamented Tippy. "That's my fucking dog!" he shouts, before calming himself. "Excuse me, I'm sorry. This was my dog. His name was Tippy." Fran confirms that the dog was a gift from Johnny, but tries to console Tony by telling how much Bruce really loved "Freckles." "He had him for almost ten years, until he moved to Tel Aviv. Then I had to put him to sleep." Hee hee. I have no idea why, but that's definitely got my vote as the funniest line of the season so far.

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