Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Meadow dances sweatily at the Crazy Horse while a rock band plays a song that sounds a lot like "Gloria" but isn't. She stops and tells Finn and her friends that she'll be right back, and then heads for the restroom. Before she can enter, she encounters her dad, who's walking out of the men's room rubbing his nose. Ooh, Tony is busted! They are surprised to see each other, and not a little uncomfortable. Tony surreptitiously tries to wipe his nose again to remove any lingering gak. Meadow asks why he's there, and Tony says he has an office in the club. Tony tries to pull the dad card and make Meadow promise that there won't be any drinking and driving, but Meadow fixes him with a look like, "Mobster, please," and asks who his designated driver is. Tony teases that he's not the one with all the dents in his car (foreshadowing!), and Meadow smiles tightly. Tony kisses her on the cheek and asks belatedly if she needs money, but Meadow is already past him. Tony keeps yelling fatherly advice to her, knowing he's totally busted, as he continues wiping his nose.

A tracking shot follows Tony out into the club. Adriana rushes up to Tony and asks if he saw Meadow. Tony angrily says that he wishes he had known she was there, and wonders what she could be thinking. Probably the same thing Meadow has thought for about two seasons now: "My father's an ass, but at least he pays for shit." Ade apologizes, saying that it's been busy, and that a kid is having a seizure upstairs. The look on Tony's face when Ade mentions the kid having the seizure is hilarious. He's like, "A what? A seizure? Should I stick my wallet in his mouth?" That reminds me: in high school, I made a pact with my best friend after we learned about seizures in health class, and how you shouldn't stick anything in the person's mouth (which apparently used to be the conventional wisdom, to keep the seizing person from biting his or her tongue). So we decided that if either of us ever fell somewhere embarrassing (like on the stairs, or in the senior hallway), the other person should stick a wallet in the fallen girl's mouth to make it look like a seizure, and then later we'd go to McDonald's. I don't know. It made sense at the time. Vinnie Delpino rolls up and tells Tony that "Vito and Gene just called" and that they're five minutes away. Tony kisses Ade on the cheek and says they're leaving. Tony tells Vinnie to set up the meeting at "Bud's Butter Barn" (I think that's what he said), and Tony and Vinnie leave the club.

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