Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Tony sits in his office, and the camera focuses in on a cheesecake poster that says "Leg Show." So Tony's a leg man? That would explain why he went for Adriana. Tony has a look of disgust on his face as he uses a swizzle stick to wipe dog shit from the bottom of his shoe. Christopher walks in, his rage contained for the moment. Tony asks if Christopher is okay, and expresses disgust for people who don't clean up after their pets. Christopher just stares, and Tony hands him the swizzle stick with shit on it and asks him to throw it out. Wow. If Christopher was wondering where he stands in Tony's eyes, he definitely knows it now. Christopher does it, somewhat poutily. Tony finally addresses the accident, saying that they were lucky because the cop was sure that it was a fatality at first. Christopher just crosses his arms and waits. Tony says he'd be thinking the same thing in Christopher's position, but that it's not true. Christopher pretends he doesn't know what Tony means. Tony says that Ade's car was in the shop and that he was merely driving her home from work, and that they were looking to get a burger. Christopher wonders why they went to Dover. Tony thinks Christopher is missing the point, which is that Adriana "could have been paralyzed, or scarred up." Christopher asks why Tony was alone in a car with his fiancée. Tony easily lies, "We were talking about you, you selfish prick. And how you were the best thing that ever happened to her." Christopher asks if Tony thinks he's not affected by the accident. Tony deflects, "Frankly, you scored so far over your head when you got her, what do you expect?" Christopher asks what Tony means by that, and Tony explains, "She's a knockout. A ten. And look at you. You're average at best. So you better reconcile yourself with that or you're gonna be fucking paranoid your whole life." Christopher asks why this is suddenly his fault, and Tony angrily reiterates that nothing happened and that Christopher should have married Adriana two years ago. Christopher, fed up, says, "Everybody knows you've been the biggest fucking cooze hound around the past four, five years. Your mid-life crisis. You'd fuck a catcher's mitt." Well. Did anyone else think that Christopher just signed his own death warrant with that remark? Tony considers his words, and then quietly vows on his children's lives that nothing is going on between him and Adriana. Tony puffs on his cigar, forming a smokescreen. Christopher turns and walks out. Tony watches him go and sighs.

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