Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Now it's time for a game of telephone, in which the crew gossips like a bunch of...I was going to say old women, but in my experience, old men gossip too. And young men and women. So they gossip like a bunch of people, all on the telephone. Big Bald Guy tells Paulie that Tony walked away without a scratch, but that Adriana suffered a severe blow to the head. Paulie looks up, and a light bulb goes off. Silvio tells someone that Adriana got caught giving Tony a blowjob. Bobby Bacala tells someone that when the paramedics found Adriana, "she had his cock still in her mouth." Hesh tells Junior that, statistically, "most single-car fatalities are a result of guys popping their load behind the wheel." Junior caps the segment (no pun intended) by saying, "Apparently, he came all over the sun visor." But it's not just crew members talking. Agent Sanseverino answers her phone, and Agent Danielle asks, "Guess who went down on Tony Soprano?"

The guys hang out at Satriale's and play cards while discussing the latest news of the world. Hesh talks about our troops in Iraq, and Wide Guy brings up Condoleezza Rice's testimony before the 9/11 Commission. Oh, wait. Really, they're still chuckling about Adriana's alleged blowjob. Wide Guy claims that while Christopher was in rehab, Adriana was calling him all the time, and that he was "this close," holding his finger and thumb about an inch apart. Which is funny, since Adriana told Agent Sanseverino that it was the other way around. Gene (I think) says that Wide Guy has a problem because his "braciole isn't even that long." Everyone laughs at Wide Guy's little dick. Christopher walks in with a sub, and the laughing stops abruptly. He asks what's up, and everyone clams up. Chirstopher won't let it rest, and Wide Guy says they were just talking about his braciole. Christopher wants details on the joke. Hesh tries to change the subject, but Christopher won't be deterred. Wide Guy asks why Christopher is breaking his balls, and there's an air of "You really don't want to know the answer to this question, do you?" Christopher says he wants an answer, and calls Wide Guy a "fucking parade float." Hee! Wide Guy points out that he's a captain, and that Christopher can't talk that way, as various guys stand up to prevent the incipient fight. Christopher tells them all to fuck off and throws his sub at Wide Guy. Lettuce goes flying. Christopher storms out as Hesh and Gene hold Wide Guy back.

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