Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Adriana watches some fashion show on television. Christopher storms into the apartment. Adriana puts down her glass of wine and tells him that there's a casserole to eat. She doesn't even finish her sentence before Christopher grabs her by the hair and starts choking her, calling her a "fucking lying bitch." Adriana squeals and asks what he's doing. Christopher accuses her of sucking Tony's cock, because Georgie (who?) told him everything, and the surgeon on the operating table said that she was moaning Tony's name. I think these guys have watched Deep Throat a few too many times, if they think that blowing Tony would cause Adriana to moan with pleasure. Christopher finally releases Adriana and says that she's lying about being in Dover because he knows what was going on. He remembered that her dope dealer is in Dover. Adriana admits that she was going to score some coke, but that she wasn't sucking anybody's cock. Christopher asks if she and Tony planned to "toot up a bunch of lines [and] go fucking birdwatching." Adriana screams that she planned to stay up all night and clean the house. Christopher resumes choking her and screams that everyone knows about it and everyone is talking about it. He stands and flips the coffee table over and says that she's killing him. Adriana stands and cries that she loves him. Christopher responds by backhanding her. Adriana flies into the wall. Christopher picks her up, slams her against the wall, and backhands her again. Adriana falls to the floor. Christopher picks her up by her hair and drags her across the apartment. Adriana cries about her neck. Christopher opens the door and tosses Adriana out into the hallway, saying that he never wants to see her again. He slams the door, and then scans the apartment. He grabs Adriana's purse and rifles through it, but doesn't find what he was looking for. He opens the freezer, pulls out a bottle of vodka, and starts chugging it.

At Tony's house, AJ is watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or kickboxing, or something else intended to provide an ironic segue from the beating we just witnessed. Tony walks in with a pizza and we can see that in addition to all of the electronic equipment, he also swiped the popcorn machine from Carmela's media room. Man, he doesn't do anything half-assed, does he? Except raise his children. Tony says that he thought AJ had an algebra test, and AJ tells him to chill out. Wow. Not only would I never tell my own father to chill out, I would absolutely never tell Tony Soprano to chill out. Tony turns off the television and AJ protests that he studied for forty-five minutes straight and needs a break. Wow, forty-five minutes? Someone give that kid a gold star. That is, if you believe him. Tony hears a knock at the door and peeks out to see who it is. He opens the door and Tony B. (and I'm going to swipe texastwostep's nickname and call him Diet Tony) walks in. Diet Tony asks if it's a bad time and says they have to talk. Famous Original Tony (tm Spills With Wings) sends AJ upstairs to study. AJ doesn't get it (surprise!) and asks if he can have pizza first, but his father snaps, "Now!" and AJ complies.

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