Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Tony and Diet Tony walk into the living room. Diet Tony says that he went to the Belleville Tavern after work and heard that Christopher was in there earlier, "all fucked up" because someone told him what was going on in the car. Tony immediately says that there was nothing going on. Diet Tony says he knows that, but that Christopher doesn't, and tells Tony what happened with Christopher and Adriana. Tony wonders where Christopher's self-control is, which is one of those pot and kettle situations. Diet Tony says that Little Paulie is out looking for Christopher, who was "saying some crazy things about [Tony]." AJ picks that moment to start playing the drums upstairs, startling both Tonys. Diet Tony says Christopher isn't right in the head, and that no one knows what he's capable of. Tony blusters that Christopher knows where to find him, and that Diet Tony should tell Christopher that. Tony stares upstairs, thinking about AJ's involvement in all this.

Cut to Tony delivering AJ to Carmela. Carmela smiles and says that AJ is a day early, and that she'll go to the store in the morning. AJ snottily tells her to relax and go whenever she wants. And why she doesn't pull a Christopher and toss him into the street by the hair, I do not know. Carmela's smile fades as AJ stomps up the stairs and Tony enters, carrying the pizza. Once AJ is out of earshot, Tony asks what his problem is. Carmela grabs the pizza and asks what Tony wants, since AJ could have carried the pizza in. Tony pretends he just wanted to say hello, but Carmela knows that Tony wanted to find out if she's heard the rumors. Tony tells her it isn't true, and Carmela tells him to fuck off. Tony returns the sentiment. Carmela points out all too truthfully that Tony has to put his son in hiding because he's afraid AJ will get caught in the crossfire. Tony says that Christopher is upset and he might come over and say something that a kid shouldn't hear. Carmela sneers that Tony should just leave because she doesn't want to look at him. She drops the pizza on the floor with disgust. Tony stomps out, but then returns and grabs the pizza before stomping out again and slamming the door. Heh.

Christopher plows into the Bing parking lot in his Hummer. Which is appropriately named, now that I think about it. He gets out with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a gun in the other. He spots Tony's old SUV (the maroon one he had before the Escalade) and throws his bottle at it, screaming, "Motherfucker!" He takes out his gun and empties the clip into the SUV, continuing to pull the trigger even after there is no more ammo, yelling, "Motherfucking gun!" In case you were wondering if he knew for sure that the clip was spent.

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