Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Inside the Bing, ladies dance and men gape. Paulie, Silvio, Diet Tony, and Tony sit on the balcony playing cards. Paulie doesn't think Christopher is going to show, because he's lying in a gutter somewhere. Silvio conjectures that Christopher might have worn himself down, and then from the floor below Christopher yells, "Where are you, you fuck?" as people start screaming and one woman yells, "He's got a gun!" The guys on the balcony all stand up. Christopher points his gun at the balcony and continues swearing and pulling the trigger on his unloaded gun. Some thugs disarm him and drag him away. Silvio pulls out, I swear to God, a bullhorn and tells the thugs that they know what to do. I am in love with the fact that he had a bullhorn up there. The guys walk downstairs as Silvio assures everyone that the incident is over, and that it was just an unhappy customer. The other guys head down the stairs, but Tony pauses, probably considering what he knows he needs to do now.

Chrissy's Hummer and another car drive down a deserted back road. Paulie, Big Biker Guy, and Diet Tony get out of the Hummer. Tony walks up from the second car. Another guy (Bouncer Bob?) hustles Christopher along as Christopher continues to yell that he'll kill them all. Christopher is forced into a kneeling position, and Tony runs up and kicks Christopher in the stomach. Tony yells at Christopher for trying to kill the boss of the Family. Christopher yells that Tony lied, and that Adriana admitted that they were buying coke. Tony yells back that he can relieve stress however he wants. Christopher yells that Tony sent him to North Carolina to get him out of the way, so that Tony and Adriana could get it on. Tony asks, "What kind of animal do you think I am? The thought never even entered my head!" Chirstopher says Tony's a man and was alone in the car with her. Tony grabs Christopher's neck and yells, "You pushed me to this. You pushed me to this!" Tony pulls out a gun and aims it Christopher's eye, but pulls back. ["Worst mistake ever. Richie Aprile, man. I'm just saying." -- Wing Chun] Diet Tony watches warily. Paulie interrupts to say that Christopher must have known the gun was empty, based on the number of bullet holes in Tony's car. Either Paulie is trying to give Christopher a way out, or Diet Tony prearranged all this, and Paulie is just following a script. Given Paulie and Christopher's enmity in the past, I'm going for the latter, especially since Paulie's "reasoning" came well after Tony had pulled back with the gun. Christopher totally doesn't get it, and thinks Paulie is insulting his manhood or something. Dummy. Tony kneels down and looks Christopher right in the eye. He grabs the front of Christopher's shirt and asks, "All right. You tell me right now. Either you take it into your heart that I did not do this shit, or this is as far as we go." The last half of the sentence is delivered very sadly. Christopher responds with a long glare. Tony stands up and puts the gun to Christopher's face. Diet Tony "interrupts" (since I'm convinced that this whole scene was staged to allow Tony to avoid killing Christopher and save face at the same time) and urges Tony to "listen to somebody else for a change." Tony isn't swayed, so Diet Tony asks, "Try it my way. Listen to me." After a long moment, Tony lowers the gun.

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