Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Christopher, Tony, and Diet Tony sit in a car, waiting for something. Diet Tony notices something outside, and nudges Tony. The doctor who treated Tony in the ER walks through the hospital parking lot. Diet Tony and Tony approach the doctor and say that they have a friend who wants to talk to him. The doctor isn't interested, saying that he just got off a long shift, so Diet Tony asks, "Any gunshot wounds? Or broken kneecaps?" The doctor seems to put that remark together with Tony's name and appearance, although he's not happy about it. Tony promises that it will only take two minutes, and praises the doctor's skills.

The doctor hops into the back seat with Christopher. Tony and Diet Tony get in the front. Tony explains that Christopher is Adriana's fiancé, and that he thinks there was oral sex going on at the time of the accident. The doctor tries to protest, but Tony cuts him off and darkly says that Christopher is upset, and that the doctor needs to reassure him that nothing happened. Christopher points out that the doctor is being pressured and will just lie. The doctor smarms, "I'm not in the custom of lying about anything. But whether somebody was getting something in the car -- how could I possibly attest to that?" Diet Tony thinks the doctor could explain that it's not medically possible, because if Adriana were wearing a seatbelt, "then there would have been abrasions to the lateral anterior aspect of the clavicle...or the right mid-sternum." The doctor asks if Diet Tony is a doctor, and Diet Tony hilariously responds, "No, I'm a pre-board-certified massage therapist." Tony asks if Adriana had "any of those kind of things." The doctor says that she did, which he reluctantly admits would indicate "an upright position at the moment of impact." Diet Tony translates that Adriana was sitting up. Tony tries to hand the doctor some cash, and when the doctor balks, Tony says that it's "for the kids, the Make A Wish foundation, whatever." The doctor exits the car without the money.

Christopher sits there, thinking. Tony looks at him, and Christopher asks, "What do you want from me? I guess I believe you." Tony turns to the front, but then remembers that Christopher threw food at Wide Guy, and that has to be resolved. Christopher thinks Wide Guy was laughing, and that it was wrong, but admits that it doesn't make a difference anymore. Christopher sadly says that even if the rumor wasn't true, people believe it. Tony asks why Christopher cares what people think, since he knows the truth. Christopher responds, "I gotta live in the world. And now I look like Joe Jerkoff." Christopher exits the car. Diet Tony starts to go after him, but Tony stops him, realizing that Christopher's totally right.

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