Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Vesuvio's. Tony and Carmela, Christopher and Adriana, and Diet Tony and his mother enter; Charmaine seats them at a big visible table in the center of the restaurant. Carmela has a big phony smile pasted on her face. Paulie, Patsy, Gene, and Wide Guy are eating together nearby. Silvio and his wife sit at another table. They all take note of the show. Christopher refuses wine, for those of you wondering if he's reverted to sobriety. Wide Guy reluctantly stands up and walks over to the big table. He shakes Tony's hand. He turns to Christopher, who is totally making The Expression. Tony watches Christopher expectantly. Christopher meets Wide Guy's eyes, and Wide Guy says that it's nice to see him, and that he hopes they have a pleasant evening. The two men shake hands. Paulie, Patsy, and Gene watch the whole thing closely, as do Silvio and his wife. Wide Guy pays his respects to the ladies at the table and leaves. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and goes back to their meals. As Carmela looks at her menu, Tony stares at her with what seems like respect and admiration.

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