Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Cut to Tony wincing in pain as a doctor sews up an incision on his head. Tony asks for a general anesthetic, because the Lidocaine isn't working. Eh, just pour some coke on there, Tony. The doctor ignores Tony, because he's finished with the sutures. The doctor walks out holding a slide, and says he'll get it down to the lab and see what's going on. The nurse gives Tony a bandage for his head, and puts a funny scrub-style shower cap on him. She helps Tony to sit up, and asks if he's okay. Tony asks if the doctor got it all, and the nurse says that they hope so, and that she'll let him know when the results come back. Unfortunately, I've had enough of this in my family to recognize that Tony just got a potentially cancerous mole or growth removed.

Adriana is at a different doctor's office, getting her stomach checked out. The doctor roughly massages her stomach and asks her if having a bowel movement relieves the pain. Adriana says that it does. He asks if she would describe the diarrhea as "loose or liquid." Too much information! Adriana says it's the latter, and adds that she's afraid to be away from the toilet in case she has an accident. The doctor feels one spot and asks if it's tender. It isn't. Adriana sits up, and the doctor asks about her personal life, adding that sometimes "G.I. disturbances are stress-related." He asks if "anything unusual" is giving her "the jim-jams." Hee. I think I want this guy to be my doctor. Anyone who says "jim-jams" is all right with me. Adriana just stares at the doctor and then says that she wants something to make her stomach better, because having to go to the bathroom all the time is what is giving her stress. The doctor tells her to get dressed, and they'll talk in his office. The doctor walks out, and from the hallway, we see Adriana sitting on the table, swinging her legs, and looking incredibly alone.

Das Sopanohaus. Tony counts out some money on the kitchen counter while Carmela sits, sketching a bowl of fruit. I thought that was weird, but I guess we're supposed to think that Carmela is attempting to make herself more cultured or something, and taking up new hobbies to fill her expanded free time. ["That's an old one." -- Wing Chun] Carmela tells Tony that she heard he's been "spending time with today's youth." Tony shrugs and says he doesn't know what she means. Carmela relates that Meadow said she saw Tony at the club. Tony defensively says, "I gotta explain my business to you now? After so many years?" Carmela tells Tony it's his life, which forces one to wonder why she brought it up in the first place. Carmela asks about the bandage on Tony's head, and Tony lies that he banged it on the medicine chest. He hands over a stack of bills and tells Carmela that it's her allowance, which would steam me, but then again, unlike Carmela, I would do my best never to get in a position where I have to rely financially on someone else. Tony plucks an apple from the fruit bowl, and Carmela looks stunned that he totally ruined her nice tableau. No symbolism there, eh? Tony checks out Carmela's sketch and comments that it actually looks like fruit, as he continues to chomp on the apple. Carmela bites her tongue and mildly says that it's "so hard." Tony asks, "What do you do it for?" I think that exchange sums up Tony perfectly. Why do something if it's difficult, even if it might mean being a better person, or have a better long-term outcome? Tony refuses to make the hard choices in his personal life, instead choosing to coast along, while Carmela recently made probably the most difficult decision of her life, in the hopes that, in the end, her life will be better. Or I could be reading too much into it. Tony glances at the apple in his hand and at Carmela's sketch, realizing that he screwed up the scene. He tries to put the apple back, bite side down. Heh.

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