Irregular Around The Margins

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Irregular Around The Margins

Christopher consults a map while two other guys (one of whom may be Little Paulie, but I am horrible with the tertiary characters on this show) load a van with coffee makers. Too bad Carmela didn't get one of those. Christopher expositions that they'll be picking up cigarettes. One guy asks why they can't just rent one big van instead of taking two vans. The other guy points out that the vans they have are "under the radar" and less likely to be stopped by the cops. Adriana runs out in her pajamas and A ROBE (in case Aaron wants to refer to that later) to hand Christopher his folic acid. I thought that was mostly for pregnant women, so who knows why Christopher is taking it. He looks puzzled as well. Adriana peers into the van and ask what all that stuff is, noting that there is a "beauty parlor chair" inside. Christopher says, "If they've even heard of electrolysis down there." Oh, those hirsute Southerners. Also, Mr. Eyebrows should talk about being hairy. Ade keeps asking questions, and Christopher tells her to go back to bed. Ade asks what his problem is, and Christopher says that his tooth is killing him. Adriana advises him to return to the dentist, and wonders why Christopher even has to go on this trip. Christopher says that Tony wants him to talk to "the guy down there." Adriana digs for more information on the guy, and Christopher ignores the question to complain that Adriana gets to take all kinds of "dope" for her "stomachache," while he can't take anything for his tooth since he's sober. And you wonder why Adriana lights up when Tony shows a little sympathy. Adriana apologizes, kisses his cheek, tells him to have a nice trip, and then runs into the house clutching her stomach. Christopher unnecessarily tells the other guys that Adriana has diarrhea.

At the Crazy Horse, Adriana does a line of coke in the back room. Tony walks in and kind of apologizes, but doesn't leave. Adriana offers to share her stash, and Tony takes her up on it, but not before locking the door behind him. Tony says he's expecting some guys from New York, and Adriana says it's not a problem, since she has plenty to do in the club. Adriana, it should be noted, is wearing a leather bustier and a micro mini with knee-high boots. Tony does a line and asks about the music playing in the club. Adriana says it's "The Lost Boys," and that Silvio has been bugging her to play it because the manager owes him money. I don't understand why Silvio would want her to play their music in that case, but I'm going to let it go. Tony sniffs a few times and says that he thought it was Adriana's day off. She says that Chrissy is away, and that she doesn't like staying home alone. Tony (filled with coke energy) stands and grabs the darts from the dartboard on the wall. Adriana adds, "At least I can pour a glass of wine without him giving me...The Expression." Adriana imitates Christopher raising his eyebrows and making a moue. Tony laughs and says he knows that look, although he calls it "the Constipated Owl." Tony does his own version, which involves the same mouth, but adds looking side to side with wide eyes. Adriana laughs. Tony throws a dart. Adriana says that when she first met Tony, she was scared of him. Tony is amused. Adriana adds that she's scared of everybody, and that it's always her first reaction. See? It's those kinds of lines that make me feel sorry for Adriana. Between her bad dad, her physical and mental problems, her substance abuse, and her FBI situation, she got a bum deal. ["So to speak." -- Wing Chun] Tony asks if she's scared of him now, and Adriana shakes her head.

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