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Mamma mia

Junior eventually comes to his senses and settles down to pray at the coffin and shuts his capo up about the hit. He called for it, but he doesn't want to know. It seems to me that if you're going to instigate the death of your nephew, you'd better be pretty fucking comfortable with the thought. But that's just me. Perhaps this is why I'm not hooked up with the Mob. Well, maybe it's one of the reasons. I'm sure there are other reasons. Like my lack of bloodlust, greed and/or willingness to assault individuals with either my bare hands or a gun.


Tony is still in his bathrobe at three in the afternoon. Christopher is giving him the bullet on the search for Pussy. No one's seen him. No one's heard from him. He's nowhere. Tony does not like this report at all. Christopher continues with the business report saying that Jimmy Altieri was at the Bada Bing, but he couldn't even look him in the eye. If he's wearing the wire he's getting nothing. Christopher is obviously worried about Tony, but, as mentioned above, these boys have communication issues, so he can't do anything logical like ask him if he's depressed.

Tony gets his pants out of the dryer and decides to take a stroll across the lawn. He stops and stares at a piece of ladies' underwear that is lying in the middle of the yard near Stupid Neighbor's house. He stops and stares, picks it up, and sniffs it. Which only makes sense because he's really really medicated. He carries the undergarment to Stupid Neighbor's house, where the Italian Beauty is studying her orthodontics textbook. She's an exchange student staying at the Stupid Neighbor's. Tony says that if his dentist looked like her, he'd stay awake during his root canals. If she were my dentist, I'd want her to trim her long-ass nails.

Christopher is stalking Tony. He waits in his car until Tony pulls out of the driveway and then follows him into Montclair town center. While Christopher follows Tony, the hired hitmen follow him too. As Tony heads to a doughnut shop, Christopher finally figures out why Tony can't lose weight. And the hitmen? Well, they figure out that the hit won't happen that day, because Christopher's car is blocking their path. It was actually a pretty funny scene with the hitmen not realizing that Christopher was one of Tony's men, Christopher not realizing that the hitmen were hitmen, and Tony not realizing anything as he makes his way to the back of the doughnut shop and out into the alley, where he can go into his psychiatrist's office in secret.

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