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Johnny Cakes
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The episode opens with Tony and Carmela totally doing it. It's shot from above -- which certainly doesn't do Tony any favors -- and you can barely see Carmela, who keeps asking whether Tony is okay. Once he finishes (which happens mercifully soon, although there's no indication how long this was going on before we joined the scene), Carmela asks Tony whether his incision is okay, and Tony just collapses off her and giggles. I have to say, it didn't seem like Carm was getting a whole lot of pleasure out of that coupling. Not that I'm surprised.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Vito is relaxing in his room, smoking a cigarette, reading the paper, and listening to NPR. It's like someone had a camera trained on my husband last week, minus the New Hampshire part. Vito hears sirens outside, and goes to the window, where he sees a firetruck driving by. Like any good small-town denizen (or five-year-old), he immediately goes to see where the fire is. My mom used to have a police/fire scanner in the house, and any time the fire whistle would go off, the phone would ring with someone calling to ask, "Where's the fire?" And scarily enough, just from the address given on the radio, that question could generally be answered with something like, "It's out on Middle Road, past the dump somewhere before Skelley's farm. You know, where that big blue house is, where that car accident was in 1997? Yeah, somewhere out there." This still freaks my husband out, because he's not from a small town.

Carmela and Tony cuddle, post-coitally. Carm thinks that it's nice to be able to do it again. Tony hopes it was "better than nice," which is what I'm saying, but Carmela demurs that "after that nightmare," they are "blessed." Tony kisses her, but their lovely moment is interrupted by drum-playing from the next room. Tony can't believe that AJ is practicing his drums, and Carmela wryly comments, "That's a first." Tony gets up to see what's doing, and finds AJ showing two guys out the door. One of the guys says he'll let AJ know, and AJ thanks him as he closes the door. Tony has followed them downstairs, and he asks AJ whether he kept his "amigos with the baggy pants" away from the silver. Like they have silver. I think maybe Tony should be more worried about the wads of cash and firearms stashed around the house. A robe-clad Carmela joins them in time to hear AJ say that the guys were musicians, and might be buying his drum set. Tony -- who, you may remember, gave AJ the drums in the first place -- is kind of upset that AJ's selling them to the highest bidder. AJ says that he needs cash. Carmela reminds him that the drums were a gift, like if he doesn't play them at all, he should let them sit around as some sort of shrine to Tony's generosity. Believe me, there's a lot of AJ being a little shit in this episode, but that's not an example. They're AJ's, to do with as he pleases, although I guess common courtesy would suggest that he tell his parents before letting just anyone traipse through the house.

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