Johnny Cakes

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Johnny Cakes

They tussle for a minute, until AJ starts crying. Tony orders AJ to stop crying, and AJ tries to get himself under control. Tony looks at his son, and says, "I guess your heart was in the right place, AJ. But it's wrong. Come on." AJ is stunned, and Tony continues, "It's not in your nature." AJ insists that Tony doesn't know anything about him. Tony tries to convince AJ that being a good guy is honorable, and that AJ's nature is something for which Tony is grateful. AJ brings up how, when they watch Godfather together, Tony always says that his favorite scene is the one where Michael shoots the men who tried to kill his father. Tony says very sincerely that AJ makes him want to cry. He touches AJ's face, and reminds him that it's a movie. He says softly that AJ needs to grow up, because he's not a kid anymore. AJ responds by puking all over the ground. Tony wipes AJ's face, and tells AJ to get in the car. Once they're both settled in the car, Tony tells AJ that Carmela can never know what took place.

The next day, Tony sits at a table outside Satriale's. His cell phone rings, and it's Julianna, who is calling to say that Jamba Juice has upped its offer yet again, and sweetened the mortgage deal. She asks whether Tony is interested now. Tony spots Mrs. Conte walking across the street, waves to her, and says that he's sold. Julianna asks him to come by her office and sign the papers. Tony has a better idea; he can go to her apartment. Julianna agrees, because, anything for a sale. Before she hangs up, she looks kind of horrified at what she just agreed to, and shakes her head.

Vito goes into the diner, and asks Morgan contritely for some Johnny cakes. And I would say that's not a euphemism except for what comes next, when Morgan asks whether Vito wants a short stack or a tall stack, and Vito says, of course, that he wants a tall stack. Oh, writers. Must you always go for the easy joke like that? Anyway, the unspoken sentiment is that they're both sorry and they forgive each other. Vito looks around to make sure there's no one in earshot. When Morgan leans over to offer Vito some coffee, Vito grabs his hand and says, "Sometimes you tell a lie so long, you don't know when to stop. You don't know when it's safe." Morgan nods and agrees. Seriously, I don't know if it's the dialogue or the delivery, but this storyline is turning into a bad '50s melodrama.

Carmela brings a shirt to Tony, who is dressing for his date with Juliana. Well, obviously Carmela doesn't know that's where he's going, especially since she asks where he's going. Tony says that he has "a real estate thing." Carmela helps Tony button up his shirt and calls him, "my handsome man." We get a shot of Carm from Tony's POV, and then see her buttoning the last few buttons.

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