Johnny Cakes

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Johnny Cakes

Carmela is lying in bed, sleeping, when she hears a commotion downstairs. She wakes up and yells down to Tony, who is swearing up a storm in the kitchen. Tony comes over and yells at Carmela for not having smoked turkey in the house. Carmela is basically like, "The fuck?" Tony goes back to the fridge, where no smoked turkey has magically appeared, and kicks it shut. I love how on the previews, they made it out like that moment happened because Tony was pissed about something really seriously bad, like a death, but it was really because he's annoyed that he has a conscience now.

Patsy and Burt go to collect from Caputo's Chicken Ranch. Caputo complains that their boss sold the building out from under him to Jamba Juice. This is news for Patsy and Burt, who grabs their cash and leave. Once they get outside, Patsy comments with disgust, "What the fuck is happening to this neighborhood?" I feel the same way when my neighbors let their preteen kids drive their four-wheelers around in the back yard, so that now they have no grass in their lawn anymore. Okay, maybe that's not the same, exactly.

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