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Johnny Cakes

The next morning, Carmela bursts into AJ's room and pulls open the curtains, letting the sunlight in. She bitches at AJ for not getting up when she originally woke him, especially since he requested the wakeup call. Can they not afford an alarm clock?

Downstairs, AJ lies on the couch in his underwear and watches Adult Swim. Carmela stomps in and yells at him for his laziness, adding that she thought he must have something important to do. Hey, watching television is important! Then again, I get paid to do it. And I pay my own bills. AJ just flips off the TV.

Up in his room, AJ digs through one of his dresser drawers, until he uncovers a giant military-style knife. I have to believe that Carmela not only does AJ's laundry, but also folds it and puts it away, so I can't believe she never found that knife. Frankly, I don't doubt that Carmela just goes through AJ's dresser as a matter of course, while pretending to put away his clothes.

Crazy People Prison. Uncle Junior complains that he never gets mail, and tells the other patients that the orderlies throw his mail out. Outside, AJ signs in at the front desk and is shown inside by an orderly. I'm shocked that they let anyone from Tony's family in to see Junior, given their reputation and what happened. AJ walks into the cafeteria, where Junior is eating with some other patients. AJ stops, deathly pale. Junior spots him and calls out proudly, "Anthony! My nephew! Take me home. I wanna go home!" So I'm assuming Junior thinks that AJ is Tony, right? AJ just looks alarmed, as Junior stumbles toward him. AJ reaches into his coat for something, and ends up dropping the knife on the floor. One of the orderlies yells, "KNIFE!" AJ turns tail and sprints for the exit, but the funny thing about Crazy People Prison is that they lock the doors. AJ gets tackled by a bunch of orderlies as he screams out, "He shot my dad! He shot my dad!" Oh, AJ. So worthless.

Tony shows up at the police station to pick up his son. Apparently, Tony pulled some strings to avoid charges being pressed. Father and son walk outside. Before they can get to their car, AJ complains that his stomach hurts. That makes something inside Tony snap, and he grabs AJ and slams him against the car. Tony gets right in AJ's face and yells that AJ's a moron, and that if they didn't have connections, AJ would be charged with attempted murder. Tony is close to tears as he jacks AJ up with the collar, but in typical Tony fashion, his fears and sadness are manifesting as anger. AJ yells that he can't believe that Tony was going to let Junior get away with shooting him. Tony says it's not AJ's problem, and besides, AJ couldn't get the job done anyway.

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