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Meadow tries to sleep in her bedroom, but she's interrupted by AJ barging in without even knocking and babbling about hybrid cars. He tells her it's "the conversation of the future." Meadow whips around and tells him off, and AJ responds in true Soprano fashion, "Poor you!" Meadow points out that she covered for AJ when he blew off going to the hospital last night. AJ thinks Meadow is accusing him of faking his stomach flu, and walks out, slamming the door behind him. Meadow flops back down on her bed, and a moment later, AJ returns, pentitent, and asks Meadow if she thinks this whole situation where "[their] father gets shot by [their] goober fucking uncle" is embarrassing. Meadow agrees and wonders what Finn's parents would say. AJ says that his friends know what Tony does, and that Uncle Junior was "always a fucking mummy"; AJ doesn't know why Tony hung out with him in the first place. Meadow says that Tony was all about family. AJ chuckles and remembers when Tony lectured him about the importance of family. AJ notices a bunch of reporters standing outside, and opens Meadow's window to yell out, "Fuck you!" Camera shutters click to capture the moment.

Carmela has coffee with Rosalie Aprile in the hospital cafeteria. Ro offers to sit with Tony, but Carmela says that the hospital only allows family in the room. Carmela gossips that Angie called, but that she's very busy at the body shop. Ro just asks Carmela if she wants some grits, which seems like the most random thing in the world to offer someone at any time, unless you are Flo from Alice, and you are asking someone to kiss said grits. AJ walks up, and Ro calls him Fabio and acts like she's hot for him or something. AJ is pissed that Carmela made a schedule of who will sit with Tony and left him off. Carmela didn't think he'd want to, and AJ says that he was sick, and was also trying to study. Apparently, his classes include "Talking to Hot Reporters While Smoking" and "Instigating Inappropriate Conversations About Hybrid Cars." I'd say he's going to make Dean's List this semester! AJ walks away in a snit. Carmela complains that AJ goes clubbing instead of studying. Ro thinks Carmela cuts him too much slack. Carmela makes the excuse that AJ is scared to see Tony in that state. Ro points out that everyone is scared, and that other kids AJ's age are fighting in Iraq. Carmela says Janice noticed that when AJ talks about the possibility of Tony dying, he never says "Dad." He refers to his father as "Anthony Soprano." Ro counters, "Well, that's a fascinating psychological nugget. But it don't change the fact that if that kid don't pull his end in this, he's never gonna forgive himself. And nobody else should either!" I am so loving Rosalie right now. I almost forgive her for hooking up with Ralphie. Carmela keeps making excuses, saying that Tony has "always loomed so large for AJ." Ro snits that AJ is "a selfish boy who doesn't give a shit." Carmela finally gets pissed and tells Rosalie that it's too bad Jackie Jr. died, but that Ro can't use AJ as "a guinea pig for [her] ideas on parenting." She adds that Rosalie never took a hard line with her son. Rosalie says very sincerely, "Why do you think I'm talking to you like this?" Carmela doesn't get it, and says that Tony has an open wound, and that watching them change the dressing is very hard to take, so she doesn't think AJ should see it. Ro just kind of rolls her eyes and sighs. That was my favorite scene in the whole episode.

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