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A caravan of vehicles pulls into the driveway at Casa di Soprano, moving past a number of television trucks. Paulie gets out of one of the cars and shoves back a guy holding a camera, yelling that they can't come onto the property. Silvio helps Carmela and Meadow to rush inside.

Meadow, wearing a robe and a towel on her head, pours herself what looks to me like a glass of vodka while she whispers sweet nothings to Finn on the phone. Meanwhile, Carmela is being questioned by some detectives about Tony's shooting. They want to know about Tony's relationship with Junior. Carmela reports that she hasn't spoken to Junior in years, so Tony didn't talk about him with her either. They want to know about Junior's mental state. Carmela is distracted by Meadow's apparently getting into an argument with Finn on the phone because he's flying full-fare coach when he comes out. Carmela says that Tony did mention that Junior was getting more and more confused. The focus of the scene switches to Meadow's conversation with Finn, who is sitting in some sort of dental lab. She asks if he's coming to visit because he wants to support her, or because "dental school is just sucking." Finn says it's a little of both. Carmela tells the detective that they'll have to ask any further questions through her lawyer. They ignore her and relate that, when he was taken into custody, Junior somehow connected Tony with the Kennedy assassination. Carmela, out of patience, says, "My husband was three years old." She shows the detectives out and then sits in a chair. Bobby comes over and rubs her shoulder, and Carmela says she could sleep right there.

AJ is alone in the hospital, looking kind of creeped out by the doctors and patients and whatnot. He walks near Tony's room in time to see Barbara leading out Janice, who is (surprise!) sobbing. AJ walks into Tony's room timidly and stares at the blood on his father's gown, as well as the urine output from his catheter.

Carmela rings the bell to gain entrance into the ICU. It's weird how, when you have someone on an extended hospital stay, you so quickly gain familiarity with your surrounding. You get to know the nurses and their shifts, and the secret ways to get through the normally locked doors, and which bathroom is cleaned most often. I thought that was one of many details of the hospital stuff that this episode totally nailed. Carmela walks over to Tony's room and spies AJ sitting in a chair in the corner, talking animatedly to his father. She can't hear them, since Tony is behind glass, but she looks pleased and leaves them alone. The camera goes inside Tony's room and we find out that AJ is talking to his father about cool cars. Oh, AJ.

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