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Two guys named Achmed and Mohammed are sitting at the bar at the Bing. (That sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it's not.) Christopher recognizes them, as they are apparently regulars. They ask about Tony's condition, and whether it's true that his uncle shot him. Christopher says it's not something they talk about. They wish Tony the best and turn back to the strippers. (I'm guessing that will come up in a future episode, after Christopher's conversation with Agent Harris.)

The next morning, AJ wakes up in Tony's room, having slept in a chair all night. He stands up and starts to walk out the door, but then stops and turns back. He says emotionally, "I'm going to get Uncle Junior for this. Don't worry." AJ starts crying as he says, "I've watched since I was little how nice you were to him. And he doesn't get to do this to you. Put you in here and get away with it. You're my dad. And I'm going to put a bullet in his fucking mummy head, I promise. And I can't believe we're not going to, like, do stuff together again. Because we will. I'm positive." Is it wrong that I laughed when he said "fucking mummy head"? And also when he started crying. I'm not sure if that scene was supposed to be darkly humorous, but I found it pretty funny. Meadow comes in, and AJ tries to cover the fact that he was crying. She checks the monitor next to Tony's bed. I don't see anything unusual, but then again, I don't know what the hell those numbers mean. But it's another detail that the writers totally nailed; especially when a patient is unconscious, you find yourself staring at the monitor and thinking every little change means something significant, and becoming an expert on the status of the numbers. Before Meadow can say anything, AJ tells her that the "Chinese guy" already knows about whatever they see on the monitor, and wants to change Tony's medications. Meadow offers to spell AJ, and he takes her up on it.

Once AJ walks outside, Carmela walks up and asks how Tony is doing. AJ says that they haven't given him his "fever medicine" yet. I like that AJ hasn't spent as much time in the hospital (plus, is kind of dumb), so he hasn't picked up on the terminology yet. Carmela tells AJ she's really proud that he stayed with Tony all night, and that it means a lot to his father. AJ points out that Tony doesn't know what's going on. Carmela says that it means a lot to her, and that AJ has helped his family tremendously. AJ decides to take advantage of the momentary good mood and confesses, "I flunked out of school." All Carmela can repeat is, "With your father in a coma!" I think the damage was done before Tony got shot. Carmela angrily tells AJ to go have breakfast. Carmela walks into Tony's room and kisses Tony's forehead. She softly says, "Anthony? Anthony, can you hear us?"

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