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Tony returns to the table, where he discovers that one of the other guys paid the bill. The one woman at the table, who sounds kind of like Melfi, compliments Tony on his team's sales record. Is this what sales people talk about when they get together? Because it's really fucking dull. Tony weirdly comments, "There's always a faster gun. I'm forty-six years old. I mean, who am I? Where am I going?" Not Melfi retorts, "Join the club." The two other guys at the table suddenly get up and walk away, so Tony and the lady follow suit. Tony stares at a plasma TV on the wall, which has shots of clouds that look kind of heavenly and the words, "Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?" I'm upset that they didn't use a serial comma in that sentence. Wasn't I just saying that the sales people need to get a life? I'm clearly not one to talk if I'm worried about the punctuation. Then a cross appears on the screen, so Tony walks away.

Outside, Tony is making out with the woman. She pulls away and says that nothing is going to happen because she saw his face when he got off the phone with his wife. So if this is somehow inside Tony's mind, he can't even cheat in his own head? Or is the woman supposed to represent temptation and sin? I'll let the forum posters argue over that one. Tony says, "I could even be some other guy tonight, and get away with the whole shebang, but no, I blow it." The helicopter starts flying overhead again, and Tony looks up. The woman says that they're looking for a perp. The sound of a machine beeping gets louder and louder until we cut to...

...the Tony we know, lying in a hospital bed, wearing a filthy gown. He's choking on his breathing tube, and doctors swarm to his bedside. Carmela and Meadow stand nearby, worried. Tony grabs his breathing tube and pulls it out. A nurse pushes Carmela and Meadow back so that the doctors can retube him. Carmela tries to talk to Tony, who manages to choke out, "Who am I? Where am I going?" His words are so garbled and choked that it's hard to tell if Carmela even heard him. Carmela yells, "We're right here with you! Tony! Who am I?" ["Dude, I'm not sure I know the answer to that question, the way she looks there. Not that she's hideous without her makeup or anything, but it's so unsettling not to see know, done, like she usually is." -- Wing Chun] The doctor orders the family out of the room so that he can reinsert the breathing tube. In the hall, AJ wanders up and asks what's going on. Meadow explains that Tony isn't doing well, and that the doctor made them leave. AJ stands there, expressionless.

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