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Carmela and Meadow head out to the waiting room where Christopher, Paulie, Silvio, and Vito are waiting. They rush over for the latest news. Carmela says that Tony came out of the coma for a minute. Silvio is encouraged, until Carmela tells him that they have to retube him. Vito curses Junior's name, and AJ walks up and says, "Anthony Soprano is not going to die. I don't know what everybody's talking about." Does AJ post on our forums? Carmela asks someone to take the kids home. Christopher protests that Carm can't stay in the ICU two nights in a row, and Carmela reports that Meadow spelled her last night. Meadow wants to stay again, so Carm tells AJ to go home and answer the phone when people call for news. Paulie points at AJ and says, "Van Helsing! Let's go." Thank god for Paulie's comic relief. Vito and Paulie fight over who will take AJ home, and Paulie points out that Vito already bought some food, so they are clearly trying to win brownie points. I'm not sure who will be awarding said points, though.

The doctor (the same one we saw in the light earlier) comes out and tells Carmela that Tony's back on the ventilator. He adds that the bullet didn't just hit the pancreas, but also hit the gallbladder, and that they're worried about sepsis. They've sedated and restrained Tony so that he won't pull his breathing tube out again. Carmela asks what happens next, and the doctor reminds her, "We're probably not looking at a very good outcome here." Heh. I used that line with one of my students today, but I was talking about failing a class, not death. It's a good euphemism, though. Carmela tearfully asks, "Does he know that he's dying?" The doctor says shortly that they don't know, and walks away. Nice bedside manner, dude. Carmela collapses into sobs, and Christopher comes over and holds her while she cries. I haven't mentioned this, but Carmela looks like hell -- wearing sweatpants, greasy hair, and no makeup. Very realistic, but also very un-Carmela. ["Heh. I'm saying!" -- Wing Chun]

The night passes. Meadow sleeps on a couch while holding Christopher's hand. A cleaner buffs the floors. Vito walks silently into the hallway and looks around. I totally thought he was going to whack Tony. He was all in shadows and just looking generally suspect. Carmela sits in Tony's room and watches the ventilator breathe for him.

Alternate Tony walks up to the check-in desk at the Omni. He pretends to be Kevin Finnerty and uses the other man's credit card to secure his reservation. The desk clerk keeps giving Tony weird looks as he processes the reservation, but finally hands over the key. In the background are two Buddhist monks, just kind of standing there staring.

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