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Tony heads for the elevator. The monks walk up and start talking to Tony as if he is Kevin Finnerty. Tony is all excited that the monks might know where Finnerty is, but the monks apparently have some beef with Finnerty. Tony explains that he's not Finnerty. The monk says that their heating system, apparently sold to them by Finnerty, isn't working. Tony once again protests that he's not Finnerty, and the monk slaps him and says, "Lose your arrogance!" Are monks allowed to just slap people? A scuffle ensues, and a hotel employee holds Tony back but, in the process, knocks Tony down onto a luggage cart. As Tony tries to get free, the monks walk away.

In his room, Tony phones "Carmela," who asks if he filed a police report. Tony points out that he's committing fraud by using Finnerty's credit card, so he's not about to get the law involved. He fiercely says, "Who wants more complications? I just want to come home." "Carmela" offers to wire him some cash, but Tony points out that he can't claim it without ID. So she could wire cash to Finnerty. They don't think of that, and "Carmela" says she'll call Tony's company and see if they can help. Tony says he misses her, and "Carmela" replies, "I miss you too. But you're off in your own world. You're too distracted with work. This is partly your fault." ["Hey, thanks, bitch. I was a lot nicer to Glark the time he flew to San Francisco and then couldn't claim his rental car because he'd left his driver's license under his keyboard at home." -- Wing Chun]

The next morning, Tony heads for the elevators. There's a stuffed bear sitting on a chair nearby, holding a sign that says, "Out of Order. Please 'bear' with us." Seriously. He has to be in hell. It's not all about the fire and brimstone. I think it's just a collection of the most annoying things you can think of. Salespeople. Hotel bars. Cutesy signs with stuffed animals and quotation marks. Non-working elevators. Anyway, Tony decides to take the stairs down seven flights. I don't know if the number of flights is significant, but the season premiere did feature Burroughs talking about seven souls. The stairway railing is really bright red, and around the fifth floor, Tony's feet fly out from under him and he falls down to the next landing and hits his head on the wall.

Back in the real world, Carmela washes her face in the hospital room sink as Meadow sleeps. Carmela wakes Meadow and reports that Tony is the same, but that at least he made it through another night. Meadow checks the monitor near the bedside and points out that Tony's fever is down a bit, but it's still 102 or so. The doctor (played by Rachel Green's dad) walks in and checks on Tony. He exchanges a lot of medical terminology with the nurses. Tony's sister Barbara walks in and asks how things are going. There's a shot of the giant gaping wound in Tony's stomach, and it's very deep and very gross. The doctor inspects it, and they really turned up the microphones on the squishing sound the wound made. The doctor thinks everything looks okay. Carmela peppers the doctor with questions, trying to get more information, but the doctor is less than forthcoming and quite brusque. Carmela asks him about Tony's chances of coming out of the coma. The doctor says that Tony is in a medically-induced coma so that they can prevent seizures while they try to reduce his fever. Meadow points out that Tony's temperature is down some. The doctor says that they are looking at "the obvious negative outcome," but also "degrees of brain damage in the event he does survive." Carmela looks like the brain-damage thing is news to her.

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