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Carmela and Meadow follow the doctor out of the room. Meadow asks what antibiotic Tony is on. Carmela seems kind of embarrassed that Meadow is challenging the doctor at all, and explains that Meadow volunteered in an ICU, and is thinking about a career in medicine. She is? Meadow adds, "Or law. I don't know." Janice walks in and says hello to the doctor, and seems quite jovial for someone whose brother is in a coma. The doctor (who is still wearing his giant Rachel's Dad Glasses) seems kind of put out that he actually has to talk to the patient's family, and says that they should keep talking to Tony and even play his favorite music. He reminds them, "Fortunately for him, he is at a level one trauma center. Or with his injuries, believe me, he would have been dead twelve hours ago." Sensitive! The doctor walks away, and Carmela calls out a thank-you. Meadow shoots her a dirty look and accuses Carmela of treating the doctors like rock stars. Janice interrupts to say that she's there to help, and that Carmela and Meadow both need to get some rest. Carmela tells Janice to go see Tony.

Janice pushes the curtain open, and the nurses are still dressing Tony's gaping bloody wound. Janice starts freaking out, with the drama, and the crying, and the "I can't get used to this! That's my brother!" If it were anyone else, I would think it's an authentic reaction, but it's Janice. She's got more drama than Inside the Actor's Studio. Carmela actually ends up comforting Janice.

Junior is in prison garb, being evaluated by a psychologist. Junior is being less than cooperative, and it's hard to tell how much of it is legitimate confusion and how much is just Junior being Junior. His lawyer explains that the psychologist is just trying to prove that if Junior shot Tony, it was due to confusion and disorientation. Junior is surprised to hear that Tony has been shot, and asks for his lawyer, Melvoin. His new lawyer backstories that Junior fired Melvoin, because ever since Melvoin's stroke, he has a nerve-damaged hand, and it makes Junior nervous. Junior declares that Tony probably shot himself, since he's a depression case and all. So Junior, not so much with the compos mentis.

Christopher sits by Tony's bedside in the middle of the night, alone, and looks like he wants to cry.

Gene's funeral. Remember old Gene? In his casket, he's wearing a shirt with a giant collar to hide the rope burns. As his widow cries quietly, the rest of Tony's crew meets in a nearby room. Silvio lays out how things are going to work now: Silvio will handle problems and collect Tony's share, as well as give some money to Carmela. Everyone agrees. Silvio asks, "Anybody got any questions? For now, not personal questions relating to yourself, but about the family." Vito can't resist asking about the sports book in Roseville. Silvio reminds him that he's not answering personal questions. Some guy asks what they're going to do about Junior. Christopher says that he's in jail, out of reach. Vito doesn't think that's necessarily true. Another guy thinks they should let Junior rot in jail and sever all ties. Vito counters, "He Marvin Gayed his own nephew. The boss of this family." Paulie thinks Tony should be the one to decide, and Bobby agrees. Vito sees an opportunity to sow more seeds of discontent and asks Bobby where he was the night Tony was shot. Bobby says that he had a family obligation, and that Tony volunteered to watch Junior. No one really seems to buy it, and Vito tries to win more brownie points by pretending that he needs to rush right back to the hospital. As the group disperses, Paulie starts bitching about Vito, and how he has to make a big deal out of everything. Paulie thinks Roseville used to be Junior's territory, and thus should go to Bobby now. Christopher adds that Vito's already making tons of dough. Paulie adds that Vito is a "fat fucking kiss-ass," and that Paulie is going to buy Tony a stereo for his room. Christopher acts like that's the dumbest thing he's ever heard, and Paulie looks hurt. Christopher gestures to Gene and wonders, "Who wouldn't like to take the easy way out?" Interesting that Christopher feels that way about suicide. Silvio guesses that Gene had "inoperable cancer or some shit."

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