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This fades into the people in the hospital waiting room discussing why Gene might have committed suicide. Hesh thinks that suicide runs in families, and that one of Gene's parents committed suicide. It's not really clear if Hesh is saying that he knows that happened, or just speculating. Janice, sitting in a chair holding Nica, points out that Gene's son was on drugs. Vito throws out, "Maybe he was a homo. Felt there was nobody he could talk to about it." Hee! Janice gives him a look like, "Are you fucking nuts?" Hesh tries to look on the bright side by saying that at least Tony never knew about the suicide. Um, I think Tony has bigger fish to fry at the moment, dude. Like, I don't know, not dying?

Meadow and Carmela, looking showered and wearing different clothes, walk into the ICU. Meadow reports that a nurse saw AJ, and Carmela wonders where he is and looks pissed.

Outside, AJ stands outside smoking and talking to a pretty reporter who asks him if his life is like Growing Up Soprano. Carmela stomps out and grabs AJ, wrestling him back inside. The reporter and her camera operator chase them but aren't allowed into the hospital. Once they get inside, Carmela angrily reminds AJ that she told him not to talk to the media. She asks about Tony's CDs, which AJ was supposed to retrieve from the house. AJ forgot to get them. Carmela yells, "Anthony! Everybody is pitching in here but you. I wish you would go to class if this was all you were going to do." AJ looks hurt and asks, "With my father in the hospital?" Yeah, I'm sure that's why AJ's not going to class. Carmela shoves some cash into his hand and tells him to go buy an assortment of bagels for everyone.

In Tony's room, Carmela pulls a boombox out and tells Tony that Christopher sent it over. Awesome. I love that Christopher cock-blocked Paulie. Carmela talks to an unresponsive Tony about how impressive Meadow has been in the crisis. She puts a CD in for Tony, and Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" starts playing. It makes me want to play Guitar Hero on the PS2. ["Hee! Glark totally started air Guitar Hero-ing." -- Wing Chun] Carmela stares at Tony sadly.

Christopher parks what is probably Johnny Sack's old Maserati outside Satriale's and walks inside, where he finds Agent Harris and his partner eating lunch. I had no idea there were actual tables and shit inside Satriale's. I think I thought it was more like a butcher shop with a meat case and stuff, but not hot meals. Christopher asks Agent Harris about "that disease [he] picked up over there in Diarrhea-stan." God, I love Christopher. He might be my favorite character. He's an idiot and all, but his scenes are almost always enjoyable. Agent Harris asks after Tony, and claims that he's genuinely concerned. Chris reports that Tony is "fucked up," and changes the subject to say that Agent Harris just comes to Satriale's because he misses them. Christopher proceeds to crack some racist jokes about the war on terror, and Harris's partner gets in a dick-measuring contest about how important their work is. Harris adds that Christopher could really help them out if he called when he heard anything related to terrorism. Christopher claims he doesn't know anything about anything. Agent Harris brings up Matush, and Christopher says he was Ade's friend, and that they didn't know he was involved in terrorism until the FBI said so. Christopher concludes, "I take that terrorism shit seriously. And Tony? Don't even get him started." Well, it'd be hard to get him started when he's in a coma.

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