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A car pulls up to a beach house at night. At first, I thought it was Vito's beach house, and that his goomar was still there, waiting for Vito to return. Anyway, Carlo enters the house through the garage and goes into a freezer, where he takes out a bunch of brown paper. Which then falls open to reveal Fat Dom's head. Nice. Carlo takes the head to a storm grate somewhere and tries to drop the frozen head inside. Except the head is too big, so he has to kick it in the face to get the head to drop down. And that's about the most violent act you will see in this entire episode, so if you were hoping for a bloody season finale, forget it. Once the task is complete, Carlo calls Sil and informs him that he drove to Connecticut to dispose of "the last." Sil is pleased. Carlo asks whether "the barbecue over in Sheepshead Bay" is still a go, but Silvio's not sure whether Tony ordered it or not. Shouldn't Silvio know these things? The opening scene is set to a Rolling Stones song, and until Mick Jagger started singing, my husband and I were debating who the artist was. The Faces? The Allman Brothers? Government Mule? It could have been anyone, really, which is a testament to the influence of the Stones on popular music -- even if they are kind of scary now.

Anyway, speaking of Sheepshead Bay, Phil and his goomar are there, parking on the street at night. Phil's goomar is kind of old. She also has big feet and really ugly silver pumps. Phil puts his arm around her and escorts her toward his building, but before they can get too close, there's a giant explosion that knocks them both to the ground.

Tony's getting dressed in some apartment, as a woman makes herself a drink at the bar. So I guess he got over the "no cheating on Carmela" thing pretty quickly. I mean, I know he got a blowjob in the last episode, but for some reason that didn't seem the same as screwing somebody. It just seems like Tony's fidelity was a major plot point, and they revealed that he's broken it with a throwaway background shot. Anyway, Benny calls and tells Tony that the bomb went off, and that Phil and his goomar got knocked down. Tony chuckles. Hey, remember when Benny wanted to kill Artie? That whole thing kind of disappeared.

Tony attends a meeting to sign the papers for the sale of his building to Jamba Juice. The lawyers leave, meaning that Tony and Julianna are alone in the room. Tony brings up the night he ran out on her, and apologizes for his conduct. Julianna is all business, and tries to leave. Tony stops her and says that he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her. I read that as, "My dick started working again, and I forgot about that conscience thing I developed earlier this season." Tony asks if she's free for dinner. Julianna smiles and says she'll pass. I mean, seriously. He already signed the papers. She doesn't need to fuck him now! She congratulates Tony on the sale, and walks out.

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