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Christopher and Julianna watch a movie together in a theater. The scene is intercut with them smoking heroin together. And it goes on for...ever.

Tony's in his office, when a guy comes in and says that Agent Harris is out front asking for Tony. Curious, Tony walks out to talk. Agent Harris makes small talk about Phil's heart attack, before dropping the bomb that his agent friends have heard that Tony is not popular in Brooklyn, and someone close to him may be in great danger. Tony doesn't seem to take it seriously, and asks Agent Harris whether he is referring to anyone specific. Agent Harris says that it's "under serious discussion at top levels." Tony isn't quite sure what to make of the message or the messenger. I hope he at least comps Agent Harris's sandwich.

Christopher and Julianna sit at a table in a diner. The shot is from the outside, through the window, and given the previous scene, I was sure a sniper was going to take Christopher out. Instead, Christopher talks on the phone with Kelli, who is home alone, and bored. Christopher has no time for her, and gets off as quickly as possible. Julianna reminds him that they were talking about recovery and the Family. Christopher tells her how he took an oath by burning a saint and drawing blood, which he's not even supposed to tell her. They discuss the higher power in twelve-step programs. Julianna says that she thinks of the group's consciousness as her higher power. Christopher says that he always thought of his oath to the Family as his higher power. The problem is that nobody lives by the code anymore, including Tony. And now Christopher is using again. Julianna asks whether he's breaking up with her. Christopher thinks about it and says no. They sit in silence for a while, and then Julianna wonders whether they should go to a meeting. Christopher passes the buck to her, and she says that there's one in an hour. Christopher grabs his coat, but doesn't stand. They finally both stand up, but it seems like neither of them really wants to go because they both know that getting sober again means that they can't stay together. Christopher says that they should drive separately, and on repeat viewing, it seems obvious that it's supposed to show that they're splitting apart. But the first time through, I thought maybe one of their cars was going to blow up or something.

Tony shows up at the hospital to see Phil. The New York crew is not happy to see him. Tony walks into the hospital room, where Ginny and Mrs. Phil are sitting with the patient. Tony tries to ask Ginny about John, but she is too upset to talk, and rushes out. Mrs. Phil tells Phil that God loves him, and leaves. Phil looks much like Tony did earlier this season, flat on his back with lots of tubes, but he's conscious and speaking: "Finally got you to come to Brooklyn, cocksucker." Tony leans over very close and quietly tells Phil that he never told anybody, but when he was in the coma, he went someplace that he never wants to go again, and he thinks Phil knows what he's talking about. Phil blinks. Tony grabs Phil's hand and tells him to take his time, get better, and get out of the hospital, and then focus on grandchildren and good things. Tony concludes, "We can have it all, Phil. Plenty for everybody." Phil, who was disgusted by Johnny's tears, lets a tear slide down his face. One of Phil's guys peeks in the door and suggests that Tony let Phil sleep. As Tony walks out, the guy pretends he won't let Tony by, and Tony glowers at him.

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